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How Real Brands Are Using Braze to Meet Their Orchestration Goals

Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 19, 2022

With the right technology, processes, and collaborative approach, brands can meet the ever-rising expectations of today’s consumers and successfully orchestrate exceptional customer journeys, no matter how big or small. Let’s take a look at how businesses across industries use Braze to bring impactful customer experiences to life.

KFC Ecuador Boosts Revenue by 15% With Data-Driven Testing

Of the 22,000 locations that KFC has worldwide across 150 countries, 148 are in Ecuador. To remain a top player in an increasingly competitive QSR market within the country, the brand wanted to learn more about its customers and use these insights to drive personalized engagement. In particular, KFC Ecuador noticed that many of its app users had downloaded coupons but hadn't redeemed them. By using Braze Intelligence Suite’s Intelligent Timing feature, the team launched a campaign with variants designed to test the appeal of value-added offers, such as free delivery or free menu items. The brand used Braze to evaluate the top channels for engagement and used Intelligent Timing to ensure they were delivered at the right time for the individual user. The result? KFC Ecuador reduced coupon abandonment and drove revenue by 15%.

Read the KFC Ecuador full case study.

PureGym Boosts Conversions 206% with Braze-Powered Cross-Channel Campaigns

This UK-based gym business with hundreds of locations had two goals: To keep current members from churning and to encourage former members to come back. To do that, the PureGym team leveraged the Braze platform’s orchestration capabilities to launch, personalize, test, and optimize segmented cross-channel campaigns. PureGym utilized both SMS and email to increase its chances of engaging with more of its audience than simply using a single channel. The team also tailored the company's re-engagement campaigns based on the unique needs and behaviors of former customers, ensuring they were connecting more effectively with their different audience groups. These efforts increased the brand's open rates by nearly 70% and boosted conversions by more than 200%.

Read the full PureGym case study.

Kolibri Games Increases Total Revenue by 15% With Braze

Berlin-based gaming brand Kolibri Games knows a thing or two about generating explosive growth. The company's first title, Idle Miner Tycoon, has been downloaded over 100 million times. And the follow up, Idle Factory Tycoon, surpassed the five-million download threshold even faster than the original. Still, the team knows that true success comes not from growth alone, but from sustained engagement. Specifically, rolling out new features that drive interest and additional revenue is key. That's why the company decided to use the Braze platform’s orchestration tools to unlock the ability to roll out new features to select test groups and gauge their engagement levels before releasing any updates to a given game's overall user base.

For gaming brands, there’s no guarantee that future offerings will be hits, but by leveraging the Braze platform to measure the response of test groups experiencing new features compared to those of control groups that don't experience any changes, Kolibri was able to eliminate much of the guesswork associated with rollouts. In one instance, the company sent a new offer to 300,000 members of a test group and the test variant experience generated 15% more revenue than the control experience.

Read the full Kolibri case study.

Splice Adds New Channels to Lift Conversions by 64X

The go-to ecosystem for music creators and producers, Splice has grown from offering a simple, subscription-based plan focused on access to the company's sample "Sounds" library to more advanced plans focused on providing musicians and creators access to the platform's entire ecosystem.

Splice leveraged the Braze platform’s orchestration capabilities to send segmented, personalized multi-channel campaigns across email and in-app messages (IAMs). After running a series of experiments testing IAM variants among small user groups, Splice saw conversion rates go up by 64X compared with previous single-channel, email-only campaigns.

Next the brand used Braze to add a new messaging channel to the mix, Content Cards—which allow brands to showcase persistent messages within their apps and websites. As the team did with IAMs, Splice tested campaign variants to land on a winner that eventually led to an 11% lift in free-trial-to-paid-user conversions.

Read the full Splice case study.

Final Thoughts

Ready to start thinking about what campaigns and messaging flows might make sense to create using Braze? Check out the Braze Orchestration Guide to learn how to create, iterate on, and test customer journeys in order to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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