CASE STUDY Boosts Retention by 28% With Braze Canvas Flow
28% Increase in user retention after 15 days

Problem was looking to personalize content and communication channels based on user habits and journey stages, maintaining cohesive engagement throughout the home-buying process.


Using Canvas Flow, our journey orchestration tool, created personalized cross-channel flows that alerted customers to new listings using the channels they preferred.

Solution achieved a 16% boost in interactions with their real estate agents and a 28% increase in user retention after 15 days for those who activated instant alerts., a leading player in the EU real estate scene, is dedicated to redefining the way people discover their dream homes. They understand the process of buying or selling a home is different for everyone and subject to a wide range of variables that can make it a long and arduous process. As such, seeks to be a source of reprieve in the buying and selling process, acting as a valuable hassle-free platform in assisting with this important life experience.

Immobiliare’s customer engagement strategy is centered on what each user wants and needs. In order to better serve users with more intuitive and engaging experiences, identified a roadblock in their customer experience that they needed to address: They needed a new way to keep customers in the loop about new listings without overwhelming them with notifications. Their solution? To offer each customer a personalized experience with relevant updates, ensuring customers stay connected and excited during the process of finding their perfect homes.

Channels Utilized

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How Built a Dynamic Engagement Strategy That Increases Retention

In line with their commitment to simplify and personalize the home-buying experience, set out to create a dynamic messaging campaign that would alert customers about new listings without inundating them with messages. The team began by segmenting their user base based on attributes like app usage and engagement levels. This laid the groundwork for a personalized approach. They also ensured they did not overwhelm their audience with too many messages by defining a rule that blocked the sending of emails to users who have already interacted with the message via a push notification. then used Canvas Flow to create a dynamic campaign that allowed for the delivery of messages across various channels. Users were directed to specific variants of the Canvas based on their specific attributes and the channels they were subscribed to, and if they had the mobile app or not. From there, they applied multiple rules. For example, users who had the app installed received the same message via a push and email with two variants: A) they receive the message at the same time for both channels or b) they receive the push first and if they don’t open it, three minutes later they receive the email.

To send more relevant messages to these cohorts, Immobiliare leveraged Braze Alloys technology partner Mixpanel. Users were added and removed from different cohorts in real time based on their interactions with email, push, and in-app messages. With Braze and Mixpanel, Immobiliare is able to offer the best combination of messages and channels based on the actual behaviors of the users. Some users prefer to receive a push notification and an email instantaneously; others only an email, once per day. Additionally, if they receive a push notification and do not click on it, they’re sent a follow-up email after a few minutes. continuously monitored campaign performance, analyzed user responses, and adjusted strategy accordingly to refine content, timing, and channel selection for maximum impact.

“Braze offers a direct way to influence the value metrics of our platform, like the number of listings viewed and the number of leads generated. At the same time, we have reduced the operative costs to manage and maintain all the multiple campaigns for our millions of users… So in a nutshell, with Braze, we have a great balance between value generated and the costs to keep the platform running and continuously improving.”

Paolo Sabatinelli
Chief Product Officer,

Immobiliare's Results: More User Engagement, Higher Retention Rates

Immobiliare's strategic approach resulted in a 16% boost in interactions between users and real estate agents. The campaign's impact on user retention was significant as well, with a 28% increase observed within the first 15 days, underlining the strategy's effectiveness in sustaining user interest.

28% Increase in user retention after 15 days
16% Increase in interactions with agents
55% Increase in monthly alerts YoY

Key Takeaways

Personalization drives engagement. Immobiliare's success underscores the power of personalized engagement. Tailoring content, channels, and timing based on user behaviors and preferences can significantly enhance interactions, leading to increased customer engagement and retention. Brands should invest in understanding their users' journey stages and habits to deliver targeted and relevant messaging.

Constant iteration is key. Immobiliare's continuous monitoring and iterative approach highlight the importance of ongoing optimization. Brand leaders should regularly analyze campaign performance, refine messaging, and adapt strategies based on real-time insights. This iterative approach ensures that engagement tactics remain relevant and effective as user behaviors evolve.