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Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 12, 2022

In 2016, we launched Canvas, our no-code customer journey tool that allows marketers to build, test, and optimize messaging flows on multiple channels and from multiple triggers. In the six years since that launch, so much has changed—for one thing, customers have higher expectations for creativity and relevance when it comes to brand interactions. To keep up with shifting consumer behavior online, brands have to create even more complex, timely, and valuable campaigns.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, we’ve added several enhancements to Canvas, the orchestration tool behind so many successful campaigns. With the introduction of Braze Canvas Flow, Braze is helping brands meet the challenges of both today and tomorrow. Canvas Flow allows marketers to design multi-step customer journeys even faster with no code required, quickly building effective campaigns that would otherwise require more time and resources, in some cases including support from software engineering teams.

Let’s take a look at these key updates and what they mean for your customer engagement efforts.

Easy Visual Interface

In order to create campaigns that reach customers at the right time, on the right channel, and with the right message, brands often find themselves struggling with hard-to-use platforms that rely on tech teams to run properly. With Canvas Flow, brands can compose messages, orchestrate campaigns, and run multivariate tests all in one platform with little to no tech team support needed. The single interface reduces the amount of time marketers spend context switching—that is, jumping back and forth between a variety of siloed engagement platforms. Design, visualize, and launch any customer journey from one place, whether it’s a simple nudge or a dynamic cross-channel flow.

Personalize and Adapt to Your Customers in Real-Time

Customer preferences and behaviors can change quickly, making it a challenge to serve up the relevant and valuable journeys they crave. With Canvas Flow, brands can automatically tailor customer’s experiences in real time based on contextual preferences, behaviors, and cross-channel interactions. Now, brands can easily embed triggered event or API metadata into messages at any point in the customer journey, allowing for more streamlined message personalization. Canvas Flow also simplifies data capture within each customer journey, easily logging custom events and attributes back to individual user profiles without developer assistance. Then, once the messaging flow is no longer relevant, you can automatically remove customers from a journey with defined customer exit criteria. With this new suite of features, brands can better serve their customers without needing to rely on constant manual execution.

Iterate on Every Part of the Customer Journey

Canvas Flow was built to help brands better leverage their data so they can continuously test, iterate, and optimize every part of the customer journey—automatically. The comprehensive testing possibilities built into this feature ensure that marketers can test channels, cadence, frequency, subject lines, message copy, message creative, and more, all from a single, unified platform.

From there, Braze can monitor the performance of a recurring journey twice a day and automatically adjust the percentage of customers that receive each message variant, ensuring that the higher performing variant will be sent to more customers. Brands can also iterate on journeys post-launch to boost results, and stay up-to-date with collaborators, making it possible to gain historical context in connection with different versions while also using insights to drive best-in-class programs forward.

Final Thoughts

With Canvas Flow, the key tasks of creating a cohesive customer journey—designing, visualizing, and launching—are available in a single platform, with everything needed to accelerate from idea stage to launch. To learn more about how your brand can develop revenue-driving lifecycle journeys, check out the Braze Orchestration Guide.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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