Jumbo Interactive Increases Revenue and App Users With Cross-Channel Campaigns

Jumbo Interactive provides lotteries and lottery retailers worldwide with the solutions needed to succeed. Jumbo partnered with Braze to launch Content Cards campaigns for Jumbo owned and operated Oz Lotteries to increase sales and new mobile app downloads.

More than US$300 billion is spent on lotteries every year worldwide, but only about 7% of all lottery tickets are sold online–leaving plenty of room for Jumbo Interactive to win market share for its digital lottery management solution. Jumbo is also kept busy operating its own online lottery retailer, Oz Lotteries, which offers a website and app for buying lottery tickets online.

While Jumbo was able to find key insights into customer behaviours through Braze partner and product analytics tool, Amplitude, they were struggling to create and automate marketing campaigns based on them. So they turned to Braze.

Changing Customer Behavior With Non-Intrusive Messages

One of the games that Oz Lotteries offers is Superdraw, a larger and more exciting version of the weekly Saturday Lotto game with a $20 million prize to share in. Although the game was popular, Oz Lotteries wanted to increase sales of higher-priced tickets. The idea was to create a cross-channel campaign that targeted a cohort of customers more likely to purchase a higher ticket, determined by insights from Amplitude. They also wanted to automate the campaign for future Superdraws, which happen six or seven times a year.

For the campaign, Jumbo sent a familiar offer—a 5% off discount— to targeted users via mobile push, IAM, email, and web Content Cards. Amplitude sent the cohort of customers directly to Braze, and the Oz Lotteries team were able to automate the campaign with Connected Content API calls to enter draw information.

Additionally, Jumbo created an app download campaign featuring Content Cards on the web, delivered to the top 20% of users most likely to do so, as predicted by insights from Amplitude. The team decided to focus on bringing more players mobile, as insights from Amplitude showed that app users purchase more often, are more likely to return to play, and contribute more revenue overall.

In contrast to an in-app message, Content Cards are a non-intrusive channel that allows users to check messages on their own time, keep and refer back to messages when they are still valid, and dismiss actions once completed. Jumbo valued these features as they provide a way to deliver personalised messages to customers without interrupting their play experience.

“We saw the success of using Content Cards as a native, on-site touchpoint for actions such as downloading the app,” says Melissa Cowan, Marketing Automation Specialist at Jumbo Interactive. “But the real success came when we used the Content Cards in the app environment. We’re reaching players with personalised messages as they’re engaged in the app, without interrupting their purchase flow.”

Jumbo Interactive Results: Uplift In Superdraw Players And Mobile App Downloads

By leveraging Braze and Amplitude, Jumbo was able to reach high-value customers with a targeted cross-channel campaign that increased sales of larger tickets. They were also able to reach customers more likely to download the app with a Content Card to drive more mobile app installs. Overall, the Superdraw campaign saw a 300x lift in revenue of higher-priced tickets while the web Content Cards campaign drove a 5% app download conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

For Jumbo, the ability to identify high-value customers and automate a campaign based on those findings is integral. With Braze and its partner Amplitude, the Jumbo team can seamlessly create and deliver campaigns across multiple channels and customer segments. By targeting customers with the right message at the right time, the Australian lottery brand develops better customer relationships, increases engagement and drives more revenue for its lottery play apps.

To learn more about targeting customers through Amplitude cohorts, watch the Braze TV video, “Braze & Amplitude: How do they work together?”