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Mastering Today’s Cloud-First Landscape: Slalom Named Preferred Cloud Solutions Partner for Braze and AWS Integrations

Jazmine Noble By Jazmine Noble Dec 15, 2020

While cloud technology has evolved enormously since the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2006, there’s still a tendency on the part of some brands to see the cloud primarily as a place to store data. But cloud technology supports a lot more than that—at its core, cloud services help companies modernize their infrastructure, efficiently and securely store their data, and bring new ideas to life faster than ever before.

To succeed (read: survive) in today’s challenging landscape, brands need to be able to leverage cloud technologies effectively to build strong customer relationships and to reach their own key business goals. Making that happen takes forward-looking technology and strategic expertise. That’s why we’re proud to announce Slalom, a consultancy that exemplifies that kind of expertise, as our preferred solutions partner for Braze and AWS integrations.

Slalom understands that both Braze and AWS are more than just technology platforms; with the right, human-centric approach to leveraging these solutions in concert, Braze and AWS can be major catalysts for business transformation and growth. And with their full service approach to customer engagement—bringing together engineering know-how and marketing expertise—Slalom is an ideal partner when it comes to making that potential a reality for brands around the world.

Driving Customer Engagement Results in a Cloud-First Landscape

AWS and other leading cloud platforms are, of course, at the forefront of data storage, offering infrastructure technologies such as databases and digital information warehouses, but it’s important to remember that they’re also responsible for bolstering and operationalizing emerging technologies like machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). With millions of companies leveraging the cloud, it’s no surprise that leading technology providers are increasingly taking a cloud-native approach, ensuring that their solutions can work effectively in tandem with offerings from major cloud providers in order to support more impactful outcomes for their shared customers.

In many ways, Braze—which has been recognized as an AWS Retail Competency Partner, an AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency Partner, and an AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency Partner for its strength in helping brands build authentic relationships with their audiences across channels and platforms—exemplifies this evolving paradigm. The Braze platform was architected primarily on AWS and the cloud giant’s infrastructure made it possible for Braze to establish a solution based in modern stream processing. This allows user data and other information to flow continuously into the Braze platform, enabling brands to access and act on that data to power exceptionally relevant, impactful customer experiences in the moment. For marketing, product, and business intelligence (BI) leaders involved in marketing technology decisions, this synergy represents a key differentiator between Braze and legacy marketing clouds built on batch processing and latency-addled customer experiences.

To maximize the impact that Braze can have for its customers, we’ve prioritized key integrations between our platform and AWS, including:

  • Braze/Amazon Personalize Integration: With the Braze platform’s Connected Content dynamic personalization tool, brands can pull relevant product and content recommendations generated by AWS’ Amazon Personalize ML customization feature and seamlessly use them to elevate every customer journey and every campaign they send across a wide variety of messaging channels.
  • Braze Currents/Amazon S3 Integration: The Braze platform’s Currents high-volume data export feature continuously streams data to Amazon S3 (as well as other leading data partners), empowering brands to turn their unique, valuable user data within Braze into actionable insights using best-in-class data visualization and analytics tools.

The Expertise Difference: What Slalom Brings to Your Customer Engagement Program

When enterprise brands choose to partner with Braze and work to take advantage of our cloud platform integrations (for instance, between Braze and Amazon Personalize), it’s important that they’re set up for success. Without the right guidance and preparation, some brands can run into challenges when it comes to strategy, migration, implementation, and effective adoption of Braze and AWS in concert.

That’s where Braze Alloys Solutions Partners come in. By working closely with a strategic partner like Slalom who is highly versed in both Braze and AWS and capable of providing insights and recommendations for both technical and customer engagement-related concerns, brands can ensure that they’re well-positioned to see the maximum impact of their coordinated use of the two platforms, supporting stronger customer relationships and helping them reach key business goals.

“Partnering with best-in-class solution providers like Braze has always been core to Slalom’s success, said Rio Longacre, Managing Director, Customer Strategy & Martech at Slalom. “Slalom is already an AWS Premier Consulting Partner. Adding Braze to the mix gives us an amazing toolkit to help clients leverage the cloud to drive their transformations.”

The reality is that stakes are high when it comes to the relationships that brands foster with their customers. Do it right and reap the rewards; do it wrong and watch as your audience dwindles. So if your company needs consulting, marketing, and/or engineering support, they can always turn to Braze Alloys solutions partners.

For more the details on Slalom and other Braze Alloys Solutions Partners, visit

Jazmine Noble

Jazmine Noble

Jazmine Noble oversees strategic solutions alliances at Braze. A Duke grad currently living in Charleston, SC, she loves to listen to Drake, play with her two dogs, and cruise on her Boston Whaler (preferably all at the same time).

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