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The Next Generation of Connected: Introducing Braze Alloys Solutions Partners

Dave Goldstein By Dave Goldstein Oct 29, 2019

Over the past decade, technology has allowed innovative brands to provide highly-relevant, personalized experiences to their customers across a wide range of digital channels and touchpoints. It’s a major opportunity for brands, but one that many companies struggle to make a reality. To get there, more and more marketing, growth, and engagement teams are turning to agencies, consultancies, and other solutions partners.

At Braze, partnerships have always been part of our vision for exceptional customer experiences. At last year’s LTR conference, we focused on the key role that technology partners play alongside Braze in a built-for-purpose marketing technology stack. We launched our Braze Alloys Partnership Hub with a lineup of technology partners representing six major tech categories. This year, we’re doubling down by expanding Alloys to include the full range of Braze-certified solutions partners to the mix.

Introducing Braze Alloys for Solutions Partners

As digital customer engagement efforts become increasingly tied to driving revenue, it’s no longer enough to hope that your brand’s marketing technology is being used to effectively engage, retain, and monetize your customers. Companies that get it right thrive; companies that don’t are courting disaster. For brands that don’t have the in-house engineering resources, staffing, or bandwidth they need to drive brilliant customer experiences, skilled solutions partners aren’t a nice-to-have—they’re a must.

By adding our roster of high quality solutions partners to the Braze Alloys Partnership Hub, we’re making it easier for Braze customers to find agencies, consultancies, and other partners who can help them stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-moving customer engagement landscape. And because all Braze Alloys solutions partners are Braze-certified, you can have confidence that these organizations have the expertise to accelerate your company’s progress towards its goals.

Braze customers have had access to six distinct types of Braze Alloys technology partners. Now, Braze offers three separate categories of Braze Alloys solutions partners, each with their own unique strengths:

  • Engineering Solutions Partners: These partners are focused on helping brands on the technical side of things, from successfully implementing Braze to integrating with other technologies in your stack.
  • Marketing Solutions Partners: These partners are focused on the customer engagement side of your marketing efforts, providing hands-on support for high-level strategy and tactical day-to-day campaign management.
  • Full Service Solutions Partners: These partners combine the technical expertise of engineering solutions partners with the strategic know-how of marketing solutions partners, allowing them to positively impact the full spectrum of your customer engagement efforts.

Braze Alloys for solutions partners will make it easier for our clients to leverage agencies, consultancies, and other partners in concert with Braze and our ecosystem of technology partners to provide users with highly personalized, highly effective brand experiences at scale.

How To Get Started

For all the details on Braze Alloys for solutions partners—like what agencies and consultancies are included and what services they’re focused on providing—visit

Dave Goldstein

Dave Goldstein

Dave traverses the globe evangelizing Braze at every stop. Always on the go with his mobile device at arm’s length, Dave's an avid proponent of great engagement marketing on mobile. When not working in the technology world, Dave is a husband and father, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, and Pit Bull rescue advocate.

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