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Power Seamless Data Transfers with Braze Currents

Team Braze By Team Braze Apr 15, 2020

Effective marketing is built on data.

The rise of mobile has made it possible for brands to collect more—and more nuanced—data than ever before. That’s provided unprecedented insight into each customer’s interests, preferences, and engagement patterns and made it possible to individually target and customize brand experiences and messaging for each member of their audience. With 83% of consumers now expecting personalized experiences from brands, effective data collection and utilization are now key to successful customer retention and monetization.

But while collecting data is easier than it’s ever been, managing and viewing customer data is still surprisingly difficult for many companies. Enterprise firms store 80% of all existing data, but significant amounts of that information is siloed. Companies that find ways to break down those data silos and put their information to better use can support superior customer experiences and see big financial rewards—increasing data accessibility by just 10% results in more than $65 million in additional net income for a typical Fortune 1000 company.

To make it easier for brands to effectively stream and manage their customer data, Braze created a powerful tool: Braze Currents.

What Is Braze Currents?

This fast, continuously streaming data export interface supports direct connections between the Braze lifecycle engagement platform and data warehouses, business intelligence tools, and other layers of the modern marketing tech stack.

With this new feature, transferring data is as easy as flipping a switch. Currents allows brands to automatically move data between Braze and other layers of their stack—making it simple to manage and evolve your marketing strategies and processes and to ensure that all teams within a given organization have open access to any Braze data they need, on any platform, at any time.

What Currents Makes Possible

Braze Currents is designed to help bridge the gaps between teams and to simplify the process of moving information between the Braze platforms and other systems in a sustainable, highly scalable way.

With Currents, it’s possible to automatically stream Braze customer engagement data to an analytics platform to support large-scale analysis of data, then identify previously hidden magic moments in your product experience. Or to transfer Braze data to a data management platform that in turn integrates with other key tools such as product recommendation engines, DSPs, data enrichment tools, and a lot more.

At Braze, we’ve seen brands leverage Currents to transform how they handle and manage data within their technology stack. From leveraging it in concert with customer data platforms like mParticle and Segment to improve data management, supporting more in depth analytics by connecting it with analytics providers like Amplitude, or surfacing relevant metrics and benchmarks using Looker Blocks, the sky's the limit.

Anything Else?

To learn more about this powerful new feature and what it can do for your brand, check out how Deliveroo uses Currents to power personalized, memorable consumer experiences.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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