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As the World Reopens, Can Travel Be Fun Again?

By Joao Gonzaga Jul 21, 2021

After more than a year spent dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and all that came with it (from lockdowns to travel restrictions), it’s a safe bet that millions of people around the globe are dreaming of finally getting to book a real vacation. But while restrictions are easing and vaccination rates are rising in much of the world, there’s still plenty of uncertainty when it comes to traveling. With many people still cautious about traveling and seeking assurance from governments and travel brands alike when it comes to travel rules and guidelines, the big question is: How will our travel habits change in the post-COVID era?

While Some Resume Traditional Travel Patterns, Staycations Will Continue as the New (Vacation) Normal for Many

As more travelers get vaccinated, enjoying a summer holiday in the Greek islands—for instance—becomes a real possibility for them, making it possible for travel brands to engage with those customers in much the way they used to (albeit with more guidance on COVID-related travel rules and restrictions. But those vaccinated travelers aren’t the only consumers out there. Some people are still waiting to get their shots, some are wary of travel, and some aren’t yet able to embark on a new vacation for other reasons. In fact, Braze research found that 41% of those who don’t plan on getting vaccinated are not sure if they will ever be comfortable traveling again vs only 19% of those who plan on getting vaccinated and/or are vaccinated.

While travel demand is expected to reach near-normal levels over the next couple of months, the truth is that the travel and hospitality industry is still very much in recovery mode at the moment. For many consumers, the staycations that characterized the pandemic will continue to be a popular vacation choice for those who’d like to get away from it all but aren’t willing to deal with the hassle of shifting travel restrictions or quarantine rules. For those who don’t feel comfortable traveling yet, but who wish they could be at the beach, I’d recommend enjoying a caipirinha while sitting on your balcony; it’s not quite the same, but it’s nice in its own way.

Final thoughts

While many consumers are still hesitant when it comes to resuming their old travel habits, the fact is that travel is still a fundamental part of people’s lives. To succeed in today’s promising—but challenging—landscape, travel travel brands must develop proper customer engagement strategies. To learn more, check out the findings from the report for tips on how to engage your customers.

A longer version of this post originally appeared in CustomerThink.

Joao Gonzaga

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