Appboy’s In-App News Feed Is an Industry Game Changer

By Mark Ghermezian Nov 26, 2013


Considering the rise of social media, users have embraced snippets and short, relevant messages. Today we are proud to announce that Appboy is the first mobile relationship management platform to keenly translate this compelling digital feature to mobile. Our talented team has built a dynamic, fully-customizable feed that lives inside the app, delivering customized messages and announcements to specific segments of users. The News Feed enhances Appboy’s existing multi-channel messaging products to help app developers combat low retention rates and increase engagement by 30%.

Since launching the News Feed a few weeks ago, client adoption and campaign performance have been remarkable. Our Success Squad has worked closely with clients such as Urban Outfitters to help build and optimize their engagement campaigns, ranging from regular updates to special promotions and social media updates. The News Feed has shown consistent results with a 30% click-through rate (CTR), which is a significant improvement over the 0.8% CTR on mobile display ads.

With the introduction of the News Feed, mobile marketers finally have more control over the in-app experience. They can launch campaigns in just minutes from Appboy’s dashboard and use protocol URLs to drive their audience to specific screens inside the app. Scheduling capabilities and behavioral targeting ensure that the right content is delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Advantages over existing mobile messaging channels and ways the News Feed expands the reach of in-app messaging include:

  • Messages having a permanent location inside the app rather than disappearing right away as with push notifications or in-app messaging.

  • Four types of templates (and counting) displaying content of various lengths and visual formats.

  • The message remains in the user’s News Feed, able to be accessed at any time without causing interruptions or intrusions.

  • The News Feed natively reinforces campaigns that use push notifications, in-app messages and mobile email.

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Mark Ghermezian

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