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How Allergan Aesthetics Teams Up with Braze Technical Account Management Services to Drive Success

Christine Li By Christine Li Oct 7, 2022

Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, is the creator of world-leading medical aesthetics brands like BOTOX® Cosmetic, JUVÉDERM®, and SkinMedica®. In order to deliver digital marketing campaigns designed to drive engagement and loyalty, we rely on a finely tuned marketing technology stack comprised of Braze and other key platforms like Segment and Snowflake.

In support of our goal of connecting more users with our products, we introduced a new and powerful customer engagement program, Allē, which provides a digital platform for all of the patients and consumers of our medical aesthetics products to learn more about these products, explore which options might be the best fit for them based on their individual goals, and to earn loyalty rewards for qualifying treatments.

As we built out our Allē program, we knew we wanted to be able to foster dialogue with our community through key channels like email, SMS, and push notifications. We also wanted to empower our CRM marketing team with the customer data needed to drive a complex and innovative marketing program in order to stay competitive in this space and provide the best experience for our consumers.

That’s why we began a search for a customer engagement platform like Braze.

We needed a tool that our team could easily use on their own, making them as self-sufficient as possible. Ensuring that there was flexibility built in and that we had the ability to act quickly when the situation demanded it was a core focus.

Braze met all of our requirements and has enabled our team to send customer lifecycle marketing driven campaigns, such as personalized treatment reminders and Allē rewards program notifications. The fact that we have a tool that can move in sync with our marketing team’s needs is a huge enhancement.

We’ve achieved even more by teaming up with Braze services teams, leveraging the Braze Customer Success Team and Technical Account Management (TAM) services.

Based on our initial success with our original use case—using Braze to elevate our Allē customer engagement efforts—we’ve since expanded to include other areas of our consumer base. We engage our providers with informational messaging about product trainings and how to keep their patients engaged. It’s been a game changer to have Braze work in direct support of all of our key business relationships.

How We Partner with Braze Technical Account Management (TAM) Services

Here are a couple of the key ways we’ve maximized our customer engagement efforts by taking advantage of Braze Technical Account Management services.

#1: Coordinating our cross-channel, cross-audience communications strategy

TAM has been instrumental in helping us get the most out of Braze across these different audiences, whether that be our infield sales reps, our consumers who use our treatments, or our providers who provide the treatments. Our technical account management team is our go-to resource for getting questions answered for our CRM, engineering, product, analytics, and data teams and ensuring our approach remains holistic.

#2: Finding solutions for complex challenges and enabling our marketing team to bring our vision to life

Our technical account management team helps us find solutions for complex scenarios and enables us to bring our vision to life in sustainable ways. We first partnered with TAM on enabling push notifications for our brand. Since our app is a React Native app, that added to the complexity of launching this new channel. We also have a really deep integration between Segment and Braze within our apps, so we leveraged TAM to make sure we were setting everything up correctly. We very quickly expanded to other use cases around creating new lines of communication across user groups while also creating a clear wall between our consumer messaging and provider messaging. We turned to TAM’s expertise for insights on the pros and cons of siloing this data versus having all of the data commingle.

Unlocking More Gains with Braze

We’ve achieved tremendous value in partnering with the Technical Account Management team. By having dedicated resources who are experts in the Braze platform, we can tackle tough challenges and bring big ideas to life together and feel confident that we'll land on workable solutions.

Find out how Braze customers like Allergan Data Labs are accelerating their customer engagement efforts with Braze resources like Technical Account Management, the Braze Bonfire community, Onboarding Services, Braze Learning, Email Creative Services, and more. Head to for all the details.

Christine Li

Christine Li

Christine is Director, Marketing Technology for Allergan Data Labs. She's responsible for marketing technology services and solutions that successfully bring the experiments and ideas from Allergan Aesthetics’s inspirational thought leaders to market, driving innovation at enterprise and industry levels for medical aesthetic customers and patients.

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