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Optimize Your Customer Engagement Strategy With Braze Technical Account Management

Tom Kelly By Tom Kelly Mar 15, 2021

We’ve all had a dream about work—hopefully not a nightmare—where you imagined a really cool use case and wondered how it could be brought to life. (Or perhaps it was in the shower? I’m pretty sure I’ve come up with some of my best ideas either in the shower or after waking up startled at 3 am.)

So how to make those use cases a reality? Well, fortunately our wonderful Customer Success team here at Braze helps customers bridge the gap between the possible and the actual. So there’s a great starting point. When that gap is a particularly technical one—and your technical teams would greatly benefit from ongoing technical guidance to unlock all of those innovative use cases—that’s where Braze Technical Account Management services come in. A Braze technical account manager (TAM) will work alongside your superstar CSM and collaborate directly with your engineering and product organization to drive technical strategy over time and help bring those projects and ideas to life.

Still trying to wrap your head around TAMs and how they support customer engagement? Think of it this way: If we were in the kitchen, then the TAM would be the one providing you with the recipe to cook up some delicious food. (And if you’re looking to get someone to cook the food, look no further than one of our Braze Alloys solution partners.)

Why Braze Launched Our Technical Account Management Services

So how did we get here? Braze has grown rapidly over the last few years, and with that growth has come increasing levels of sophistication and diversity from our customers.

There's no denying Braze is a powerful platform that’s constantly evolving and improving, and that we see the very best results when engineering and product teams collaborate closely with the Braze teams to unlock capability—just take a look at what Grubhub and Quizlet have achieved. We built this service to further help unlock those kinds of results, so it follows that our team mission is to provide technical expertise and guidance that results in successful business outcomes for our customers.

Braze Technical Account Management: What It Covers

So what is Technical Account Management services all about? At Braze, the technical account management framework has been built around three key pillars:

1. Engineering Excellence

Centered around the technical enablement of your engineering and product teams, we focus on ensuring that you and your technical folks are kept refreshed and up to date with new or existing Braze features and products that could have a positive impact on your strategy.

2. Product Technical Maturity

This is all about solution design and implementation guidance that helps you to unlock your brand’s technical use cases and expand your sophistication and usage of our product over time.

3. Architectural Governance

Because who doesn’t love governance? All the good stuff around technical documentation, risk mitigation, and overall operational efficiency of your Braze implementation.

Those workstreams are then applied through key deliverables such as:

  • Regular project check-in calls to establish progress against key milestones or projects

  • Personalized workshops to help unpack specific use cases

  • Periodic technical reviews to perform a retrospective covering what’s been achieved, and then planning what’s up next on deck.

“Working with a TAM was extremely useful for our marketing and technical teams, helping out with problem solving and providing guidance on how to approach technical initiatives,” said Josh Babani, CRM Manager at Pret A Manger.

How to Know If Technical Account Management Is Right for Your Business

Now that you have a flavor of what Braze technical account management is and how it can support better outcomes for businesses, the key question is whether this service is a good fit for your organization and its needs. To help with that assessment, consider these questions:

  • Do you have—or are you building—an agile customer engagement functional team with a bunch of smart, technical heads assigned to be working on Braze?

  • Does your organization have key technical aspirations connected to its marketing efforts that are yet to be achieved?

  • Is your brand a big, complex organization with an expansive team that’s looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s possible with Braze?

  • Are you interested in driving innovation by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Braze and your customer engagement strategy?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your organization will likely benefit from the assistance of a TAM when it comes to adding value to your customer engagement activities.

Ultimately, leveraging a TAM will give your organization retained access to a Braze technical expert capable of working seamlessly alongside your team to provide proactive technical strategic guidance through scheduled touchpoints and deliverables. If you have big customer engagement dreams, that can make it easier to turn them into innovative use cases and then tangible business outcomes. In short, think of TAMs as your “sherpas for technical enlightenment,” as Braze Senior VP, Global Services and Support, Jesse Hoobler likes to say. And who wouldn’t want to be technically enlightened?

Final Thoughts

One last recommendation from me: The next time you wake up at 3 am with a wild customer engagement idea, consider jotting it down. And if it still feels worth pursuing in the morning, reach out to your Braze account executive or customer success manager to see how our Technical Account Management services can help make that dream a reality.

Want to learn more about Braze and its services and support offerings? Check out our Customer Support & Services page.

Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly

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