Reach the Next Level With the Braze Customer Success Team

Team Braze By Team Braze May 18, 2022

Providing thought leadership. Sharing industry best practices. Delivering inspiration. These are just a few of the ways our Braze Customer Success team helps brands like yours uplevel your customer engagement with our industry-leading customer engagement platform. As our customers' #1 advocates, our global Success team is dedicated to ensuring your company delivers on your most important business goals and customer outcomes and has a seamless experience with the Braze platform.

Read on to find out what it's like working with our Customer Success team, why customer success is different at Braze, and how we’ll help you get more value out of Braze.

The Braze Customer Success Journey

With the Braze Customer Success team on your side, you'll get a consistent point of contact who will partner with you to:

  1. Understand where your team is today in terms of customer engagement

  2. Make a plan designed to take you where you want to be

  3. Help you achieve your customer engagement and broader business goals

Why Customer Success Is Different at Braze

We pride ourselves on empowering brands to deliver the best customer experiences and our Customer Success team works hard to ensure your teams have exceptional experiences as our customers. Here are four things that help make customer success exceptional at Braze:

#1: Award-winning team. Our Success team has been recognized in the industry for our exemplary client services. We won three awards in the 2021 Customer Success Awards, including Customer Success Team of the Year.

#2: Aligned to customer outcomes. Unlike quota-driven teams, our Customer Success professionals are incentivized based on mutual success outcomes like adoption, advocacy, and retention. As a result, our team members challenge customers to explore new strategies and push new boundaries, driving improved long-term customer engagement outcomes and stronger relationships with their users.

#3: Exceptional satisfaction scores. In 2020, we received a 95% customer satisfaction score for our Success and support services.

#4: Support for multi-disciplinary teams. Our Customer Success team members are multi-disciplinary and have proven experience building and assembling cross-functional teams within client organizations.

Get More Value with Braze Customer Success

The Braze Customer Success team brings the following core strengths to your team:

1. Customer lifecycle marketing expertise: Benefit from our thought leadership, best practices, and inspiration to guide your strategy, and leverage our real-world, detailed client success stories.

2. Operations and enablement: Get day-to-day guidance and platform expertise to address any and all of your questions. Our Customer Success team will walk you through use cases and coordinate your overall Braze account team. Plus, you'll also receive face-to-face training, in-depth resources, documentation, education services, and access to our Learning at Braze (LAB) customer engagement education platform.

3. Dedication as client champions: As your personal advocates at Braze, our customer success team listens to your needs and creates an internal feedback loop so the wider Braze team can serve you better.

    Designed for Your Success

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    Team Braze

    Team Braze