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Send Frequency: What “Just Right” Looks Like, Vertical by Vertical

Strong customer/brand relationships are built on thoughtful communication. And to make that happen, you have to know your users: What they’re interested in hearing about, when they want to hear it, and—most importantly—how often they expect to hear from you.


Empathy at Scale is Central to Building Brand Humanity

If there were something you could do to ensure that two out of three of your customers would be loyal to your brand, would you do it? That’s the power of brand humanity in action. In his Day Two keynote at LTR 2019, special guest Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Forrester, emphasized the value that humanity adds in the age of Big Data and introduced the new Brand Humanity Study based on commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Braze.


What's a Growth Team, Anyway?

More than 10 years ago, Facebook created the very first growth team. At the time of the team’s inception, Facebook had about 50M Monthly Active Users (MAU) and relatively flat growth. Not only did this move help turn Facebook into the giant we know today—with over 2 billion MAUs—but it pioneered the rise of a focused growth team.


How Burger King Used Braze to Boost Monthly Active Users by More than 50%

For Burger King, the goal was clear: Boost usage of their mobile app and drive stronger engagement with their brand by embracing the creativity and innovation that today’s build-for-purpose marketing technology stack makes possible.


The Next Generation of Connected: Introducing Braze Alloys Solutions Partners

Over the past decade, technology has allowed innovative brands to provide highly-relevant, personalized experiences to their customers across a wide range of digital channels and touchpoints. It’s a major opportunity for brands, but one that many companies struggle to make a reality. To get there, more and more marketing, growth, and engagement teams are turning to agencies, consultancies, and other solutions partners.

The Channels Issue

Understanding “Growth”—and What It Means for Retailers

The term “growth” gets thrown around a lot these days, in part because so many businesses are evolving and finding themselves forced to embrace new approaches and new technologies to thrive in a fast-changing landscape. So let's explore what growth is, what factors influence it, and how brands—especially in the retail space—can master the strategies that make growth possible.