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Building Braze: Dark Mode

One common challenge for product teams? Finding ways to assess possible risk, user adoption, and level of effort when developing new features.

building braze

How AWS Auto Scaling Enables Braze to Efficiently Send 2 Billion Messages Each Day

Each day Braze send billions of messages to more than two billion monthly active users around the world. Given this scale and the performance requirements of these messages, processing speed is of crucial importance. Braze Cofounder and CTO, Jon Hyman, explains how we use AWS Auto Scaling to accomplish this.

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The Road to Reliability Starts with Better Observability

During December 2019, Braze processed an average of more than seven billion incoming API requests every single day from our two billion monthly active users. This resulted in more than 70 terabytes of incoming data on average each day—and as you can imagine, that is a TON of data to digest and understand! So how do we increase observability?

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Three Things Your Product Design Team Should Do Before Your Company Goes Public

For privately held startups as they reach the size and scale that Braze has achieved, the stakes are high and the challenges very real. To get where we need to go, my team has embraced three key priorities that every late-stage startup should focus on in order to continue their journey toward long-term success.

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The Dynamic Duo: Product Management and Product Design

A good partnership between PM and Design should challenge assumptions and help everyone gain a better understanding of customer needs. Done right, this kind of collaboration can promote an environment where you can fail and ask dumb questions and then find a way forward. Learn what it looks like at Braze.

Building Braze

How Braze Hires Product Managers

Hiring is the lifeblood of a technology company—particularly when scaling, bringing the right staff into an organization is a critical task. We’ve learned a lot over the years about hiring product managers at Braze, and we're ready to share those insights with you.