iOS 9 Changes Make Send-Time Optimization More Important Than Ever

Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 8, 2015

successsquad-emailbanner-2While big changes for iOS 9 were announced during WWDC 2015 last month, one of the most significant updates wasn’t covered during the actual event. iOS 9 beta testers recently discovered an important upgrade – while earlier versions grouped messages by app in each device’s notification center, iOS 9 will present these communications in chronological order. This change allows customers to find relevant notifications more easily, and makes proper timing even more crucial.

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How messages appear in the current notification center

Going forward, push notifications sent to disengaged Apple customers will appear after notifications sent at a time closer to when that customer checks her notification center. If a customer typically checks notifications during her morning commute at 9 AM, a push notification sent at 8:50 AM will be among this customer’s most recent notifications at the top, increasing the chances of engagement. On the other hand, if that customer receives a message at 10 AM, it could sit unread for the entirety of her work day, falling further and further down the notification center list, making it less likely that the outreach will have its intended effect.

To avoid this sad fate, it’s important to use a send-time optimization solution like Appboy’s Intelligent Delivery to make sure that your messages are received at the precise moment each customer is ready to engage – otherwise, your carefully crafted outreach will likely get lost.

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Team Braze

Team Braze