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Team Braze By Team Braze Jan 11, 2023

Braze Bonfire—our community created by and for customer engagement professionals like you—is expanding. We’re launching a comprehensive online platform for Braze Bonfire with even more community resources, as well as a greater range of content and networking features for members to get the most out of Braze, learn tips and tricks, grow their customer engagement practices, find support, forge connections, unlock new ways to optimize Braze campaigns, drive stronger marketing results, and help out other Braze users.

What’s New in Braze Bonfire?

Braze Bonfire has long been a go-to resource for real-time communication with other professionals and discovering practical advice for leveraging Braze, actionable best practices for campaign strategies, networking opportunities, and insights on the latest industry trends. The new digital Braze Bonfire platform builds upon this to provide a one-of-a-kind customer engagement hub that includes:

  • A jobs board where employers can find talent and where employees can discover new professional opportunities

  • The option to log in using LinkedIn to add new professional connections

  • A campaigns gallery highlighting powerful, inspirational messages and experiences

  • Private groups based on industry, region, and subject matter

  • A community blog where users can contribute and share customer engagement thought leadership posts

Members who join and participate have always-on access to customer engagement strategies, best practices, feedback, and professional opportunities.

3 Key Benefits of the Braze Bonfire Community

At our annual customer engagement conference, FORGE 2022, we connected with Braze Bonfire power users Aitor Abonjo, Head of CRM at Flink, Sean Collins, Director, Lifecycle Marketing, at Bilt Rewards, and Georgia Price, Director, Digital & CRM, at Pressed, to get their insights on the advantages of the platform and how to get the most out of joining the community. Here’s what they shared.

#1: Becoming a More Confident Customer Engagement Professional

Braze Bonfire offers Braze users the opportunity to:

  • Learn about best customer engagement practices within a specific industry

  • Bounce creative ideas off of other customer engagement professionals

  • Showcase and celebrate campaign results and professional achievements

As one example, Aitor shared how he and his team at Flink used Braze Bonfire to make an introduction to the customer engagement team at another startup and set up two knowledge-sharing calls that helped them figure out how to use Content Blocks more efficiently to automate the process of creating dynamic, personalized emails for key lifecycle stages. “That was massive for us,” Aitor said.

#2: Upleveling Your Braze Expertise and Achieving Even Stronger Results

Joining Braze Bonfire, become an active member, and:

  • Get up to speed with using Braze efficiently

  • Unlock real-time answers and tips from other Braze users

  • Discover new ways to use Braze from other power Braze users

  • Receive peer support and mentorship from other Braze users

  • Learn about new features and Braze use cases

“Ask questions. If you have the question, someone else probably has it as well. Go to the events, the meetups that Braze holds in your area, and always go to the after-dinner karaoke,” said Georgia. When she worked at Wine.com, the Braze Bonfire community delivered the advice she needed to efficiently ingest the company’s 40,000 product catalog SKUs into Braze to build out more effective, personalized campaigns.

Sean had a similar experience when he got started using Braze at Bilt Rewards. “I had never used Liquid before I got to Braze. I just posed this problem. I thought I had it all figured out, and it wasn’t working,” Sean explained. Within an hour, he got a direct message from another community member who figured out the fix he needed. “It was great.”

#3: Advancing Your Career and Professional Development

Whether you’re looking to switch industries, advance to the next professional level, or bring on new talent, Braze Bonfire will open doors and help you:

  • Network with members

  • Add professional connections

  • Find out about and share job openings

  • Expand your talent pipeline

Georgia found the last two hires on her team via Braze Bonfire, thanks to posting open roles through the platform. “It’s been a great source of hiring for me,” Georgia said.

Build the future of customer engagement together. Join a collective of experts to forge connections, share ideas, and accelerate your career at community.braze.com.

Team Braze

Team Braze