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Guest Keynote: Mary Portas, Founder of Portas and Co-Chair of Better Business Act

Mary Portas

How Klarna Builds Loyalty With A Cross-Channel Approach to Brand Marketing

Justyna Kaletka, Senior Marketing Manager, Klarna, Taylor Hoffmann-Subjack, Head of Customer Activation, Klarna

Meaningful Moments: How TUI find the perfect time to reach out to their customers

Michael Bate, Group Head of CRM & Marketing Capability at TUI

CEO Keynote: Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere

Bill Magnuson, Cofounder and CEO, Braze

Product Keynote

Jon Hyman, Cofounder and CTO, Braze; Kevin Wang, SVP, Product, Braze

How WhatsApp Can Support Your Marketing Goals

Magith Noohukhan, Head Evangelist, Braze; Craig Goodfriend, Head of North America Client Sales, Meta

Exploring Braze Community

Myles Kleeger, President and CCO, Braze; Aitor Abonjo, Head of CRM, Flint; Sean Collins, Director, Lifecycle Marketing, Bilt Rewards; Georgia Price, Director, Digital & CRM, Pressed

How Disney Keeps Viewers Streaming with Customer Engagement

Erin Isenberg, Senior Strategic Customer Success Manager, Braze; Miraj Barodia, Manager, Product Operations, Streaming Services, Disney

Torchie Awards

Myles Kleeger, President and CCO, Braze; Astha Malik, CMO, Braze

Let data be the solution, not the problem

How Unlocked the Secret to Measuring Brand Awareness

Guy Shriki, Head of Brand Awareness & Offline Marketing,

How Depop Embraced Data-Driven Targeting

Ianina Lucca, Chief Growth Officer, Depop

Enhance the Customer Experience: the importance of Product Analytics

Bhavik Patel, Director of Analytics, Hopin (representing Amplitude)

Data, Tech, and Teams: Delivery Hero's Ingredients of a Powerful Braze Integration

Rafael Beckenkamp Ferreira, CRM Tech Lead, Delivery Hero

Zero-Party vs. First-Party Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Simone Wong, Head of Customer Loyalty, TIER

Building Your Anonymous User Engagement Strategy

Samia Abdallah, Senior Product Manager, HomeToGo

Creating Effective Personalised Engagement with Digital Insights

Jimi Gaitskell, Strategic Major Account Executive, Heap

How BEES Used Braze and Segment to Get a 360-Degree Customer View

Myles Kleeger, President and CCO, Braze; Jason Feldman, Global Director, Customer Experience, BEES

Maximize Your Data's Value in Braze

Jason Perocho, VP, Product Marketing, Braze; Matt Hill, Head of Application Strategy, Snowflake

Zero-Party vs. First-Party Data: Challenges and Opportunities

Jackie Franklin, Senior Strategic Business Consultant, Braze; Melisa Bill, Manager, Consumer Marketing, Allergan; Jason Rosoff, Director, Lifecycle Marketing,

Tearing Down Data Silos

Matt McRoberts, SVP, Alliances, Braze; Brian Stavis, Global Category Lead, Advertising & Marketing Technology, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services

Building Your Anonymous User Engagement Strategy

Neha Aletty, Strategic Business Consultant, Braze

Myth-Busting Personalization

Nick Cugini, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Global SMB Braze; Angela Longoria, Staff Marketing Manager,; Sasha Waletzko, Marketing Technology Manager, CleanChoice Energy; Meghan Noel, Global VP of Pre Sales and GTM Enablement, Amplitude

Today’s Customer Expects Tailored, Real-Time Messages—Can You Deliver?

Colin Daniels, Digital Editor, Adweek; Brian Munn, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Meetup; Nisha Mehta, Senior Manager, Lifecycle Marketing, VSCO; Daniele Di Nunzio, VP of Sales, Storyly

Use Technology to Drive More Creative, Impactful Customer Journeys

Steven Camina, Group Product Manager, Braze; Max Pulcini, Director of Direct to Consumer, Marketing & Communications, Everwash

Leveraging Interactive Messaging: Personalizing Experiences With Movable Ink, Amazon Personalize, and Beyond

Jordan Mace, Senior Manager, Customer Success, Enterprise, Braze; Minesh Lad, SVP, Growth & Media, NBA; Thu-Trang Ho, Director, Client Experience, Movable Ink; Dan Foley, Senior Technical Product Manager, AWS

Building a Best-in-Class Data Collection Strategy

Magith Noohukhan, Head Evangelist, Braze; Juliana Lam, Manager, Analytics, Equinox; Jon Louis, Sr. Developer, Apps & Email, Move (; Christy Zaragoza, Technical Marketing Manager, Quizlet

Why Basic Personalization is Not Enough

Shezeen Ali, Manager, Customer Success, Scale, Braze; Margaret Gorin, Head of Business Value Advisory at Amperity; Gopi Pandya, Channel Manager, CRM/Digital Marketing, Pizza Hut

Embracing Privacy-Conscious Customer Engagement in a Fast-Moving World

Susan Wiseman, General Counsel, Braze; Jillian Burnett, SVP, Customer Success, mParticle

Crawl, Walk, Run: From Single-Channel to Cross-Channel

Julia Weinstock, Senior Customer Success Manager, Scale, Braze; Folake Dosu, Director CRM, Disney Movie Insiders; Christopher Mills, SVP & General Manager North America, Talon.One; Kylie Moses, Marketing Manager, Instacart; Sina Zand, Head of Lifecycle Marketing and CRM Strategy, Activision Blizzard

Sophisticated campaigns, simple execution

How Adevinta Maximises the Value of Their Braze Investment

Sergi Martinez, Senior Android Developer, Adevinta

Make the Most of Your Customer Monetization Campaigns

Taylor Gibb, Manager, Customer Success, Scale, Braze; Vanessa Stark, Senior Marketing Manager II, Performance Marketing & CRM, Instacart; Reed Kuhn, Sr. Director, Business Strategy, Branch

Why the Downturn is Making Retention and Subscription Levers Critical

Sam Miller, Senior Strategic Business Consultant, Braze, Rachel Robertson-Brown, Head of Retention, The Guardian

From Cookies to Covid to Meta-Commerce

Lauren Walker, Head of Data & Analytics UKI & Europe, Accenture Song

How Wallapop Celebrated Customer Loyalty With Their Wallanniversary Campaign

Pauline Roggero, Maria Alba Mata, Wallapop

Mass Promotional Emails to Multi-channel Coordination: How Gousto Transformed Messaging Tactics Inline with Growth

Catherine David, Head of Growth, Gousto, Emma Attwood, Senior Growth Manager, Gousto

How BlaBlaCar increased feature adoption by 400% through leveraging the power of multichannel campaign orchestration

Guendalina Braga, Automated Programs Lead, BlaBlaCar

From A lightbulb to MY lightbulb: The Fundamental Power of Engagement and Personalization

Luigi Liguori, Global Senior Software Product Manager, Philips Hue

Discover the Evolving Journey of JET’s CRM Maturity

Nick Peng, Head of Global CRM, Just Eat Takeaway

Better Together: A Deep Dive Into SMS+Email Marketing w/ Estée Lauder Companies

Magith Noohukhan, Head Evangelist, Braze; Daniel Lindsay, Data, Insights and Analytics Director, Estée Lauder Companies; Murali Kiruba, Transformation Technology Executive Director, Estée Lauder Companies

How Change Unlocks Growth

Bill Magnuson, Cofounder and CEO, Braze; Bonin Bough, Cofounder & Chief Strategy Officer, Group Black

How Sonic Drive-In Drives Sustainable Growth Through Meaningful Moments

Erin Bankaitis, Senior Strategic Business Consultant, Braze; Brittni Shull, Director of Digital Engagement Strategy, Sonic Drive-In

How Mapping the Customer Journey Leads to ‘Happier’ Users

Allison Bryant, Sr. Marketing Manager, CRM/Lifecycle, Ten Percent Happier

Harness Real-Time Marketing to Keep Pace with Today's Customer

Nash Goudie, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager, Everwash; Kevin Shectman, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Braze

How Brands from SMB to Enterprise Leverage Braze

Ana Albornoz, Director, CRM Product Management, OkCupid; Colette Lohr, CRM Manager, Underdog Fantasy; Cassie Tovar, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Quizlet; Ashley Christiano, Principal Customer Marketing Manager, Global SMB, Braze

Make AI Work for You: Predictive Suite, AI Copywriter, and Personalized Variant

Boris Revechkis, Senior Product Manager, Braze; Marlie Vermeeren, CRM Manager, 8fit Now Part of Withings

Better Together: A Deep Dive Into SMS + Email Marketing

Nazgul Kemelbek, Director, Product Marketing, Braze; Justin Crowe, Customer Success Manager, Enterprise, Braze

Get in the Game with Web Messaging

Haley Trost, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Braze; Rebecca Nackson, Founder, Notable Growth

Live Training: Driving Retention and Loyalty with Canvas Flow

Tommy Thoman, Senior Trainer, Braze; Mary McGroarty, Senior Strategic Customer Success Manager, Global Strategic

Live Training: Getting Started with In-App Messaging

Kai Williams, Training Manager, Braze

Live Training: Build an Unobtrusive Abandoned Cart Campaign

Tommy Thoman, Senior Trainer, Braze

Live Training: Build a Best-In-Class Onboarding Journey with Canvas Flow

Kai Williams, Training Manager, Braze

Built for growth

The Strategic Value of a Best-in-Breed Martech Stack - And How to Build One

Philippe Lachmann, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Braze; Attila Jakab, Director of Demand, Zalando

Mapping Your Customer Journey with Warner Bros. Discovery

Yoav Banai, Group VP Retention & Engagement, Warner Bros. Discovery

How to Succeed as a CRM Team of One

Kevin Fons, Senior CRM Manager, Idagio

Making the Most of Your Customer Monetization Campaigns

Matt Dyson, Director of CRM, Blinkist, Lisa Raciti, Senior CRM Manager, JOYN, Matt Cresswell, Chief Data Officer, Moneysupermarket, Emilie Chanson, Head of CRM - Monetization, Deezer

Creating a Transformational Marketing Stack

Rob Murphy, VP Sales EMEA mParticle, David Sealey, Director of Strategy & Growth CACI

Exploring Customer-First Acquisition

Tim Parkin, Monzo, Guy Shriki, Head of Brand Awareness & Offline Marketing,, Martin, FREE NOW

Supporting an Effective Braze Integration

Bansri Manek, Customer Onboarding Manager, Scale, Braze; Eric Quach, Head of CRM, Chime; Annika Rabenstein, Senior Growth Consultant, Phiture

Reduce Your Ad Spend with Braze Audience Sync

Diana Kim, Senior Product Manager, Braze

Exploring Braze Community

Myles Kleeger, President and CCO, Braze; Aitor Abonjo, Head of CRM, Flint; Sean Collins, Director, Lifecycle Marketing, Bilt Rewards; Georgia Price, Director, Digital & CRM, Pressed

Building Opportunity: A Look at Tech for Black Founders

Rod McLeod, VP, Social Impact, Braze; Lamesha Davis, Founder and CEO, Health Care Travels; Winston Vakunta, Director of Marketing, Esusu; Naza Shelley, Founder and CEO, CarpeDM

Living the Urgent Life—Authenticity Matters

Astha Malik, CMO, Braze; Bozoma Saint John, Former CMO, Netflix

Small But Mighty: How One-Person Teams Use Braze to Grow Their Business

Justin McHenry, Senior Manager, Customer Success, Scale, Braze; Natalie Burris, Marketing & Editorial Specialist, TV Time; Theresa Garcia, Marketing & Growth Analyst, UDisc

Understanding Today's Customer Engagement Landscape

Magith Noohukhan, Head Evangelist, Braze; Nate McNabb, President, Global Client Services, Verticurl; Henrik Kjaer, Global Director of Data Strategy & CRM, Verticurl

Data-Driven Business Transformation: Using Data and Analytics to Deliver Intelligent Omnichannel Experiences

Matthew Pharr, Managing Director, Accenture Song

Creating Brilliant Experiences at a Global Scale

Whitney Gretz, VP & GM, Global Strategic Accounts, Braze; Ashley Travis, KFC Head of Global Product Capabilities, Yum! Brands

Ensuring Effective Data Collection and Personalization

Nicole Dzialo, Manager, Customer Onboarding, Scale, Braze; Katie Bucher, Director of Lifecycle Marketing, Activision Blizzard; Nick Patrick, Cofounder and CEO, Radar

Set Up Your New Messaging Channels for Success

Ramya Sugumar, Director, Customer Onboarding, Braze; Zack Botos, Vice President Of Business Development, Iris; Joe Spadea, Director of Technology & Architecture, Iris

Action on Your eCommerce Data With Braze and Shopify

Jennifer Cheng, Product Manager, Braze; Steven Aldrich, Cofounder and Co-CEO, Ragnarok

How to Run an Executive Business Review

Bobby Latrenta, Manager, Customer Success, Enterprise, Braze

The Ins-and-Outs of Modern Customer Retention

Rick Trader, Area VP, Sales, SMB, Braze; Salim Hemdani, CTO, Likewise; Jenn Horner, Senior Director of Relationship Marketing Strategy, Merkle

Grow With Braze: Braze Learning

Will Crocker Hay, VP, Customer and Partner Education, Braze; Jaclyn Getman, Director, Corporate CRM and Consumer Analytics, North America, Estee Lauder

Introducing the 427° Innovation Lab

Mariam Asmar, VP, Strategic Consulting, Braze

Creating a Transformational Marketing Stack

Rob Murphy, VP Sales EMEA mParticle, David Sealey, Director of Strategy & Growth CACI

How AutoTrader Built a Holistic Customer Engagement Strategy

Paul Davey, Senior Mobile Marketing Manager, Auto Trader, Sarah Jones, Senior CRM Manager, Auto Trader, Damien Rooza, Consumer Performance Lead, Auto Trader, Paul Nunnerly, Technical Lead, Auto Trader

Small But Mighty: How the Dailymotion Team Uses Braze to Grow Their Business

Ivo Dutra, Associate Product Manager/CRM, Daily Motion, Rachel Wignall, Product Director, Daily Motion