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A Look Back at Forge Through the Years

Team Braze By Team Braze Sep 28, 2023

Since 2015, when we first launched our Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference (now known as Forge), Braze has hosted the premier annual gathering dedicated to customer engagement. Braze has a long tradition of bringing together thought leaders across marketing, data, and growth to educate, inform, and inspire the customer engagement community. That was true at the very first LTR, at the debut of our rebranded Forge event series in 2020, and throughout our regional City x City gatherings in key cities all over the world.

And over the years, our expert speakers have guided audiences on how to set up teams for optimal collaboration and growth, how to adapt customer engagement for the privacy-focused era ushered in by GDPR, and how to get more value out of Braze, through the Braze Bonfire Community and via features such as Braze Canvas Flow, Currents, and Cloud Data Ingestion. We’ve learned from category leaders like Venmo on how they approach customer lifetime value and cross-channel marketing and from’s CRM lead about delivering luxury marketing at scale. Together, we’ve navigated new challenges and opportunities, such as capturing and acting on zero- and first-party data.

Looking ahead to this year's agenda, we'll be taking a look at what can happen for customer engagement when technology goes right, and what investing thoughtfully in the right MarTech tools can do for your team and your bottom line. So, as we count down to Forge 2023, here’s a look back at the highlights from years’ past.

Top Content from Forge Over the Years

#1: Using Technology to Drive More Creative, Impactful Customer Journeys [Forge 2022]

Unlimited carwash app Everwash shares how advanced customer engagement technologies—including Braze Canvas Flow—have helped revolutionize the car wash industry by making it possible to deliver sophisticated personalization, increase upsells and referrals, and elevate the customer experience. Check out his session from Forge 2022 here.

#2: How Change Unlocks Growth [Forge 2022]

Group Black, a Black-owned media collective and accelerator, shares real-world examples from his time guiding strategy at brands like Oreo that demonstrate how embracing risk is key to accelerating results. Check out his session with Braze Cofounder and CEO Bill Magnsuon at Forge 2022 here.

#3: Effective Customer Communication [Forge 2020]

Grindr and Quizlet discuss the art of developing an engagement strategy that effectively speaks to your audience and reinforces your marketplace value. Watch this session on demand.

#4: Digital Everest: Delivering Brilliant Experiences in a World of Unprecedented Scale [LTR 2018]

Jon Hyman, Braze Cofounder and CTO sits down with American Well, parent company to the telemedicine platform Amwell, to discuss how growing organizations can uplevel their operations, processes, and technologies to be more agile and drive relevance for users even as audiences scale. Watch this session on demand.

Join the Can’t-Miss Customer Engagement Conference of the Year

Excited to see what exceptional customer engagement looks like and to learn from leading brands like McDonald’s, Fanduel, the National Basketball Association (NBA), KFC, and Activision Blizzard? Register for Forge 2023 today, and get ready to discover the latest best practices and powerful tools that are helping brands get customer engagement right.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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