The 40 Mobile Marketing Resources You Should Try and Bookmark Right Now

Team Braze By Team Braze Nov 17, 2016

Whether you’re just starting out in mobile marketing or looking to brush up on what’s new in our ever-evolving industry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the web to put together this list of the best content, events, tools, platforms, and reports to help you navigate the mobile marketing waters and set you confidently on your way toward mobile marketing mastery. Let’s dive right in.

Content & forums

1) Mobile Marketing 101 Course: While many mobile marketing courses can set you back a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a pop, our free four-week mobile marketing 101 ecourse will help you build an effective mobile marketing strategy from scratch…for free.

2) 50 Mobile Marketing FAQs Ebook: Which channels should you use? What will really help drive engagement? Understand how to build meaningful connections with your audience by learning the answers to these commonly asked mobile marketing questions.

3) Digits Mobile Marketing Benchmarks: See how you measure up against your industry when it comes to retention rates, average monthly sessions, push notification open rates, and more.

4) The Definitive Checklist for Any Mobile Marketing Campaign: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Follow in the footsteps of savvy mobile marketers with this cheat sheet.

5) Mobile Onboarding Guide: Our onboarding guide gives you the essential ingredients of creating an onboarding campaign to build consistent engagement with users and increase retention.

6) Relate Mag: We can’t forget about the very site you’re engaging with right now. Relate Mag is the destination for mobile, loyalty, growth, and relationship marketers to learn and hone their skills. By the way, sign up for our newsletter here.

7) Mobile Growth Stack: Created by Andy Carvell, former growth manager at SoundCloud and a co-founder of Phiture, the mobile growth stack is a lightweight framework for strategic mobile growth. Carvell turned the framework into a useful blog that you should check out.

8) Newsletter: runs one of the best newsletters in the industry. Their newsletter is a weekly, hand-picked roundup of the best customer acquisition and retention links. Plus, original essays and invitations to special events.

9) Mobile Growth Community: Powered by the folks at Branch, this is a community for the best user acquisition and retention strategies in iOS and Android mobile apps.

10) The Mobile Playbook: This guide from Google helps businesses “win with mobile.” It features insights, case studies, and recommendations on how any business can operationalize mobile.

11) Facebook Advertising Guide: This guide from App Annie will help you create an effective Facebook advertising strategy for your app and avoid wasting your budget.

12) a16z Network Effects Deck: Network effects is one of the most important concepts for businesses and can drive long-term success for your company. In fact, many tech companies have implemented it (e.g. Facebook). Here’s a great (and massive) deck by Andreessen Horowitz that dives deep into the topic.

13) Mobile Marketing Watch: Mobile Marketing Watch is a content site that covers all areas of the mobile ecosystem.

14) Quora: Quora is one of the best resources on the web to ask questions and get answers from experts. Have a question about mobile marketing (or anything really)? Go to Quora.

Events & meetups

15) Relate Live: Get a better handle on your metrics, customer behavior, and industry marketing trends with live and recorded webinars you can tune into for free.

16) LTR: Our LTR (Long-Term Relationships) conference brings together top marketing and growth influencers and thought leaders to better understand and leverage the demands of today’s mobile-centric customers.

17) Mobile World Congress: The world’s largest gathering for the mobile marketing industry, this annual event is a conference/exhibition/networking opportunity and awards ceremony. And, what a great excuse to go to Barcelona.

18) Mobile Innovation Summit: Leaders in product, content, and growth marketing from Google, LinkedIn, Groupon, and more gather in New York to share their expertise.

19) Mobile Marketing Association Events: Held by the industry’s trade group, these events are global gatherings in the world’s major markets (Singapore, Mexico, Colombia, London, New York, and more) and shed light on global mobile behavior and insights.

20) Techweek: In eight cities throughout the U.S., Techweek celebrates innovators, often mobile app companies, and brings the community together for panels, happy hours, and more.

21) Mobile Ventures Summit: Meet your mobile marketing counterparts at one of the industry’s leading conferences, taking place every few months in top tech hubs.

22) App Marketing Summit: The London-based Mobile Marketing Magazine hosts free summits on a variety of themes year-round.

23) Events: In addition to their newsletter, also hosts numerous events throughout the year on acquiring, engaging, and optimizing customers across mobile and other digital channels.

24) Open Mobile Summit: Industry publication Open Mobile Media hosts this annual two-day event for B2C mobile product managers, designers, and marketing executives.

25) Modern Marketing Summit: Connect with mobile movers and shakers at industry events held multiple times a year all over the U.S. and internationally.

26) VentureBeat Webinars: From app monetization to using chatbots to boost engagement, VentureBeat hosts several free webinars a month on relevant topics for digital and mobile marketers.

27) eMarketer Webinars: Catch up on previously held webinars and sign up for new ones on a range of general marketing topics, from AI for marketers to using mobile location data to drive actions and sales.

28) Mobile Growth Meetups: Started by the Branch founders in 2014, Mobile Growth Meetups are forums for app developers, marketers, product managers, and startups to share best practices, challenges, and solutions.

Platforms & tools

29) Appboy: Appboy is the leading lifecycle marketing platform that helps marketers build better relationships with their customers. Create personalized messages across devices and channels using our powerful CRM and suite of messaging and targeting tools.

30) Amplitude: Amplitude is a web and mobile analytics platform that helps you discover user behavior insights about retention, engagement, and revenue.

31) AppsFlyer: AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution and analytics platform that helps you pinpoint your targeting, optimize your ad spend, and boost your ROI.

32) App Annie: App Annie provides intelligence tools and delivers data and insights to help marketers succeed in the app economy.

33) Apptamin: Show your app in seconds with professional videos and game trailers. Apptamin produces videos for mobile app stores and video ads for user acquisition.

34) Branch helps you create and integrate deep links into email, SEM, ads, and other marketing channels for improved app growth.

35) Kiip: A moments-based rewards platform, Kiip allows marketers to advertise based on “moments of achievements” in the apps people use each day.

36) mParticle: mParticle helps you consolidate and connect your data across multiple channels and devices.

37) This checklist/planning tool by Branch gives you useful insights to help you launch and grow your app.

38) AppLaunchPad helps you create beautiful screenshots for app stores. No more struggling with Photoshop.

39) This tool by SurveyMonkey helps you estimate your app revenue from ads and in-app purchases.

40) AppFollow 2.0 helps you track app store reviews, ranks, keywords, and more in real time.

Where do you go from here?

Take a deep breath. We know that was a lot, that’s why we recommend bookmarking this post (Pocket is a cool app, by the way). To succeed in mobile marketing, you need to understand your customers, goals, segmentation, channels, and how to test, iterate, and keep optimizing. Sign up for our mobile marketing course to get the best tips and hacks on how to build a successful mobile marketing strategy and drive ROI.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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