Upday Reactivates 528K Lapsed Users With Push Notifications

When Upday, Europe’s free news app, wanted to re-engage their lapsed users, they steered 528,000 back to the app with push notifications from Braze.

Upday is Europe’s most popular independent free news app with an ever-growing reach of 25+ million monthly users across 34 countries. As a news aggregator, Upday’s goal is to curate the best news with no bias and showcase it to their audience in a personalized way.

When Upday became available on iOS devices last year, the company increased their focus on user acquisition. That, in turn, led the company to deepen their focus on retention, leading them to look for new ways of activating and re-engaging their users.

That’s when they started their re-acquisition campaign with Braze.

Lapsed Users = Missed News

Upday’s strategy focused on using push notifications to reactivate churned users and boost engagement with the app. This would in turn increase the number of ads those users would receive (a key company KPI) while engaging with the app and boosting Upday’s revenue. To accomplish their goals, Upday created a four-month campaign in the Braze platform with the goal of targeting churned users who hadn’t started a session on the app in the past 30 days, sending those users a push notification encouraging them to stay up to date with the latest news.

Using Funnel Reports in Braze, the Upday team analyzed the results of the campaign compared to a control group of users who did not receive the notifications. As an added bonus, the product marketing team at Upday now has the autonomy to immediately do this kind of analysis themselves right within the Braze platform, rather than having to wait for results from their data team; because the data team works with several stakeholders, these sorts of requests can take up to two or three days to address, depending on the complexity of the ask. Accordingly, having the information available directly in Braze saves both the marketing and data teams a lot of time.

The results and success of this campaign surprised the whole company. It was so successful that it gave us more room to test and expand our usage of Braze.

Bruno Batista
Digital Marketing Manager, Upday

Upday Results: Half a Million Users Reactivated

As a result of their campaign with Braze, Upday was able to re-activate 528K lapsed users, expanding their user base and bolstering the impact of future outreach. As a bonus, the campaign also increased the engagement of all targeted users by 4.9%.

Final Thoughts

Getting free, unbiased news out to millions can be a daunting task, making an impactful messaging strategy all the more important. When Upday’s team needed to reconnect with their lapsed users, Braze was there to provide the tools they needed to re-engage those users effectively and see results quickly.

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