Taxfix Improves Deliverability, Conversions, and Scalability With Advanced Data and Personalization from Braze and Braze Alloys

Offering easy tax filing in Europe, Taxfix wanted a more robust engagement solution to scale with their brand. Since adopting Braze and Braze Alloys Tech Partners Snowflake, Looker and Segment, they’ve decreased time spent on data analysis and campaign creation by 50% and increased deliverability to 99.8%

Taxfix is a tax platform that offers an easy-to-use app and web interface for taxpayers in Germany, Italy, and France. By asking questions to maximize their refunds and hiding those that do not apply to a user's financial situation, the average user can complete the entire process of filing their taxes in a total of about 22 minutes, all from an app on their phone or the browser on their computer.

As Taxfix continued to expand to new territories and serve more users than ever before, they looked to adopt a new CRM tool and strategy, all while purpose-building a team to manage both. Knowing that automation and deeply personalized customer journeys would be essential for them to scale further, Taxfix looked for an engagement platform that could help them:

  • Activate and retain new users

  • Gain a deeper understanding of their user base to send valuable communications

  • Automate as much messaging and campaigns as possible

  • Reduce churn

  • Maximize conversion

That’s when they switched to Braze.

Upon adopting Braze, Taxfix started by connecting their iOS, Android, and Web apps to the platform using the Braze SDK and testing that push notifications worked and appeared the same on both mobile and desktop browsers. For in-app messages, they tested how HTML templates appeared across different devices. Next, Taxfix tested user journeys to make sure that attributes (such as email, external ID, language, etc.) were being passed to Braze correctly.

With their initial testing completed, Taxfix set up Segment, a customer data platform (CDP) and Braze Alloys technology partner, which unifies customer information and routes it to other tools in a brand’s tech stack. Segment then began receiving data via Braze Currents, which allows brands to automatically move data between Braze and other layers of a brand’s tech stack, and streams it to Braze Alloys technology partner Snowflake, which enables sharing of live data and logic across clouds and regions.

Taxfix’s Snowflake instance connects with Braze Alloys technology partner Looker, which allows them to take a holistic view of all of their customer data from different sources, query and visualize that information and use their findings to better understand customer behaviors and how best to interact with them.

This seamless data sharing within their newly-refined tech stack ensures that the Taxfix team is served fresh, up-to-date data that is accurate and consistent. And that gives them everything they need to bring the data back into other areas of their tech stack—like Braze—to take effective action.

Switching to Braze also helped Taxfix to address pain-points that would impede scalability with built-in tools in the Braze Platform: Giving campaigns a personalized touch was addressed by using Braze Liquid personalization–which automatically inserts relevant information regarding a given user into messages. And with Braze Content Blocks, which support the repeated use of personalized information in scalable ways, the creation of a consistent look and feel across multiple campaigns is as easy as a few clicks.

For a brand experiencing exponential growth in users with a small team previously handling customer engagement almost entirely manually, this proved to be a big help.

“Braze allows us to send the right message through the right channel at the right timing to the right audience at every stage of our user lifecycle, elevating our conversion rates and providing an increased value to our users.”

—Elsa Massoudi Aguilar, CRM Team Lead at Taxfix

A Big Return with Braze

Since moving to Braze, Taxfix has seen tax return submissions grow by 15% and product feature upsells rise by 25%, compared to its Global Control Group of users that don't receive any CRM campaigns. In addition, message deliverability hit an all-time peak, with an average of 99.8% versus a previous 60-70% deliverability rate.

The ability to seamlessly visualize and react to customer data and do a majority of their analysis without ever leaving Braze saves between 50 and 70% of time previously spent by their data team doing analysis. And working on campaign building with all that data saves nearly 50% of the time previously spent by their CRM team, giving them better insights into customer behavior and the ability to focus on strategy and building complex user experiences that create value.

Final Thoughts

As of late 2021, Taxfix has helped collect more than €1 billion in tax returns for hundreds of thousands of users, thanks to an ever-expanding team who make filing much less complicated for their users. And with a scaleable, data-driven and deeply personalized customer engagement strategy powered by Braze and our Braze Alloys technology partners, those numbers are sure to climb even higher.

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