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Driving Engagement with Personalized, Targeted Push Alerts: How NASCAR Makes It Happen

NASCAR, a Braze customer for four years now, is one organization that exemplifies what’s possible when it comes to using push notifications to reach their mobile app users. Pat DeCola, the Digital Editorial Manager at NASCAR Digital Media, spoke with Braze to discuss on how his team’s marketing campaigns successful leverage the Braze platform to drive mobile and desktop engagement.


The Canvas of Tomorrow: Where We’re Taking Our Customer Journey Builder in 2020 And Beyond

Creating sophisticated, multi-step, multivariate campaigns can feel intimidating, but Braze is here to help. We created Braze Canvas, our customer journey tool, to make building dynamic and responsive campaigns completely seamless. Originally launched in the summer of 2016, Canvas has been on quite the journey of its own!


Enhance Cross-Channel Consumer Experiences, The Canva Way

Braze spoke to Emily Stewart, Global Head of CRM and Messaging at Canva, to discuss how the design tech brand used cross-channel marketing strategies powered by Braze to achieve a 20% increase in trials of their premium plan, a 15% increase in monthly active weekly newsletter users, and a 99.2% deliverability rate across emails.

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The Road to Reliability Starts with Better Observability

During December 2019, Braze processed an average of more than seven billion incoming API requests every single day from our two billion monthly active users. This resulted in more than 70 terabytes of incoming data on average each day—and as you can imagine, that is a TON of data to digest and understand! So how do we increase observability?


How to Ensure Your Emails Land in Gmail's Primary Tab

There’s no proven way to “beat” Gmail’s algorithm, but there are ways to ensure you’re providing valuable content to your customers. Check out what Andrew Barrett, Director of Email Deliverability at Braze, has to say on the subject.


The Six Pillars of Braze Alloys: Advertising Technologies

In 2018, we launched Braze Alloys in order to simplify the process of creating a bespoke customer engagement ecosystem. When it comes to technology partners, our Braze Alloys partnership hub is built around six distinct categories—this week, we’ll be exploring Advertising Technologies partners.