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Use Your Words: A Guide to the Braze Marketing Glossary

Marketing has a language all of its own. Sometimes, that can be hard to keep up with (how many acronyms can one person keep in their head, after all?) That's why we've built the Braze Glossary, your guide to all the letters, terms, and abbreviations you need to be fluent in marketing speak. Learn more in this article, then check out our glossary for yourself!

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Logcat and JUnit: An Unstoppable Combination for Android Tests

Our SDKs, code that our customers include directly into their apps to collectively send billions of events per day to our systems, are a crucial part of the Braze platform.That’s why it’s all the more important for the Braze team to make sure that our SDKs are working in top shape for our customers. In this post, we’ll dive in to how we test our Android SDK and keep it bug-free.


More than Just a Language App: How busuu Used Connected Content to Become a Supportive and Friendly Coach for Foreign Language Learners

Language app busuu wanted to take on the role of helpful, supportive coach, keeping its users on track for their Study Plans. Read on to see how dynamic personalization, cross-channel messaging, and some human empathy in campaign planning helped them get there (with great results, too!).

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A Dedication to Security: Braze Receives ISO 27001 Certification and Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type 2 Audit

Security and data privacy have always been a key focus for us at Braze. Now, after a long and thorough process, I’m proud to share that Braze has successfully completed its SOC 2 Type 2 audit and ISO 27001 certification during the 2018 calendar year. These key new security steps mean that our customers can feel even more confident that we do what we say we do with respect to our security controls.


Automation’s Human Factor: What AI Means for Customer Engagement

To explore the challenges and best practices that come with using AI to support brilliant customer experiences, we spoke to thought leaders on the subject from Grubhub, Neura, and at last fall’s LTR conference. Read on for their insights!


6 Keys to Mastering Modern Email Marketing

Email. It’s old—arguably the oldest digital messaging channel—but still extremely valuable for brands looking to engage their customers. To explore where email is at now and what it means, read on and learn seven keys for mastering email marketing today.