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Below you will find some of our Clients’ Best Practices across all platforms and verticals.



Urban Outfitters

What We Love: iOS 10’s rich push feature is a useful tool to send more detailed messages to users, as well as catch their eye with engaging content. Urban Outfitters does just that with this rich push notification. Rather than send a simple text push, Urban Outfitters expands its messaging capabilities with a clean, concise yet eye-catching image.

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What We Love: This push from Trivia Crack is one of our favorite types of campaigns around. Utilizing personalized content such as a gamer’s first name along their most frequent opponent, Trivia Crack tempts its users to with a challenge to log on and play the game. And in case you were wondering, VP of Success Spencer most definitely beat Edward Thompson that next game!

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ABC News

What We Love: The action button, a fairly new feature on iOS, allows users to easily interact with your app right off of a push notification, making them an important part of capturing user engagement. With 40% of millennials paying for at least one mobile news subscription, it is essential for news outlets to distinguish themselves from the crowd of apps out there. This ABC News blast takes the simple copy of a news alert and infuses it with engagement-driving features such as an image and action buttons.

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What We Love: In our increasingly interconnected world it is important now more than ever for brands to relate their brand to current events, holidays and their users’ daily lives. TodayTix does just that with this push notification recommending shows based off the recent Tony Awards.

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What We Love: Marketing your brand never stops at engaging your current users. That’s why referral programs have become essential to increasing your brand’s reach. Though notifications about referral programs come a dime a dozen, Ibotta successfully pitches their program with a clever tagline in this push message, giving it major points in our book.

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In-App Messaging


What We Love: Sale reminders play a big part in any marketing strategy. This Anthropologie In-App Message grabs the user’s attention while remaining non-invasive at the same time, allowing users to browse through the app and stay informed at once.

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What We Love: With this In-App Message carousel featuring app highlights, we think that TodayTix steals the show in user onboarding. Highlighting new features within your app post-update is a great way to boost user engagement!

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Sound Cloud

What We Love: The In-App Message is a pivotal part of any upsell strategy. This example effectively highlights the offline feature of SoundCloud’s subscription service and markets it to the user with a sleek and engaging layout.

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News Feed Cards


What We Love: The Domino’s brand is one of the most engaging brands out there. We think this News Feed Card not only uses a great image, but its copy, specifically its use of emojis, is a 🔑 part of Domino’s relatable brand message.

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Urban Outfitters

What We Love: While push notifications can easily notify users about your latest deals, the News Feed Card offers a fresh angle to marketing any promotion. By preserving a sale alert within the app in the form of a News Feed Card, your brand can effectively ensure that your promotional content remains visible to your active users throughout its duration. In the example above, Urban Outfitters provides a eye-catching image along with a sense of urgency (“ENDS TODAY”) to all of its app users. Compared to a push notification, their News Feed Card is able to convey a greater amount of information in a lasting and engaging manner.

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Web Push


What We Love: Web Push messages are simple and easy ways to blast quick and non-invasive messages to your users. Additionally, since they must opt-in to receiving them, marketers are given somewhat of a guarantee that their audience will be likely to tune in to this channel’s messaging. We love how Saucey keeps its users engaged by alerting them when they earn referral bonuses.

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In-Browser Messaging

Souq Mobile

What We Love: With consumers spending increasing amounts of time on mobile, the importance of mobile compatibility for all types of messaging cannot be stressed enough. This promotional In-Browser Message from Souq both fits well in the mobile browser and effectively markets the brand’s mobile app, keeping up with today’s mobile centric-consumer.

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Urban Outfitters

What We Love: One of the major setbacks of In-Browser Messages is that they can sometimes serve as a barrier between users and your site’s content. The work around? Urban Outfitters’ understated messaging at the bottom of their site. These messages provide non-invasive deep-linking product features all within a minimalist message. Needless to say we approve!

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What We Love: This event-triggered In-Browser Message from iHeartRadio is an ideal upsell message. It presents users with 30 day trial by demonstrating all of the subscription service’s features on a sleek modal.

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What We Love: For an online bidding site, timely notifications are not an option, they are a necessity. This email from Everything But The House reflects just that, sending an email in realtime and notifying a user that they’ve been outbid. In tandem with the personalized features here such as the highest bid and item, this realtime email comprehensively makes use of the Braze platform and all of its conversion-boosting features!

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What We Love: iHeart’s Music Year in Review email is an ideal way to engage users through providing personalized content that sums up their yearly usage. We think this use of our Connected Content is both creative and effective.

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What We Love: Essential features of a mobile-friendly email are shorter blocks of text and engaging images. Saucey’s Father’s Day email clearly displays its mastery of this messaging channel all while providing stellar promotional content.

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