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How Being Powered by Snowflake Helps Braze Customers Move at the Speed of Data

Team Braze By Team Braze Jun 15, 2022

Modern marketing is powered by data. From audience segmentation to behavior-triggered outreach, brands rely on it to create timely, relevant, and personalized messages. Yet without data agility, or the ability to move data at the speed of business, even the best planned campaigns can fall flat. Why? Because customer information begins to degrade as soon as it’s collected.

To succeed, marketers need open access to up-to-date data. Without it, they risk sending outdated information, leaving customers with broken, unsatisfying experiences. Still, far too many brands contend with data silos that make it difficult to move information throughout their tech stack. Fortunately, we came up with a solution: Braze support for Snowflake Data Sharing.

When we heard about Snowflake’s planned Data Sharing feature in 2018, we saw an opportunity to give customers instantaneous access to Braze data. In turn, we would improve their ability to understand and manage it effectively. It took some refining, but the feature—and our relationship with Snowflake—continues to be a success.

Given our long-standing partnership, we’re proud to announce that Braze is now part of Snowflake’s Powered by Snowflake program. This honor reflects the strong technical partnership between Braze and Snowflake and the success that our shared customers have seen as a result of our ongoing relationship.

“We’re so pleased to welcome Braze to our ‘Powered by Snowflake’ program. Our strategic partnership over the years has made it possible for Snowflake and Braze to optimize existing features and thoughtfully build out new ones, supporting our shared customers in connection with their customer engagement efforts and opening up new opportunities when it comes to data analysis, customer messaging, and beyond.”

Scott Shilling
Sr. Director, Powered by Snowflake Partner Development, Snowflake

Braze + Snowflake: What We Make Possible

Launched in 2019, Snowflake Data Sharing enables account-to-account secure sharing of data through the Snowflake database, views, and user-defined functions (UDFs). Since no data is copied between accounts, it doesn’t take up any storage space and doesn’t contribute to a company’s data storage charge. And with the Braze platform’s secure share option, our customers gain access to a read-only database of their data, along with the same role-based permissioning that Snowflake provides. This ability to securely share data between accounts allows brands to accomplish all their personalization needs.

Analyze In-the-Moment Event Data

Brands that use both Braze and Snowflake gain access to in-the-moment event data that’s generated by users and stored within the Braze platform. This enables them to analyze behavior patterns for predictive modeling, generate funnel reports to track user journeys, and trigger action-based messages to re-engage users and increase brand loyalty.

Customize and Personalize Messaging

Using Snowflake Data Sharing, we can bi-directionally share our data sets with our customers. This allows brands to customize and personalize messages and engagement strategies within the Braze platform.

Track Industry Trends

Powered by Braze, Snowflake, and Looker, Braze Benchmarks is an interactive tool that gives brands access to live, industry-by-industry data on message engagement, app retention, user acquisition, and purchasing behavior. It aggregates anonymous mobile, web, and email engagement data from over 600 brands across our EU and US cluster to calculate monthly, quarterly, and yearly metrics.

Snowflake’s Data Sharing feature offers mutual Braze and Snowflake customers instantaneous access to our Benchmark data through a secure Data Exchange. This enables brands to create customized benchmarks in their own reporting and analytics reports.

Braze + Snowflake Customer Stories

Since these use cases may sound a little abstract, let’s take a look at how three of our customers leveraged Braze and Snowflake to analyze customer behaviors, personalize campaigns, and improve efficiency.


HBO Max wanted to build larger audiences for its weekly movie premieres. The streaming platform partnered with Braze to deliver push notifications and in-app message campaigns that would encourage customers to sign up for reminders.

Using Snowflake, HBO Max imported data from users’ accounts and app activity into Braze to create customized campaigns. The “Remind Me” feature resulted in an:

  • 18% increase in viewers.


Ticketek wanted to personalize their weekly newsletter with machine learning based on first-party data. The Australian event ticketing company was already storing customer data in Snowflake, but didn’t have the technology to transform these insights into triggered customized campaigns.

With the help of Braze Connected Content, Ticketek was able to retrieve Snowflake data and use it to dynamically personalize newsletters via a recommendation engine. The campaign resulted in:

  • 288% click-to-convert improvement.

  • 49% increase in tickets sold per open.

  • 250% rise in conversion rates.


Taxfix needed to automate and personalize messaging while scaling with their growing user base. To implement this technology, the European tax platform partnered with Braze to send push notifications, web notifications, and in-app messages.

After the initial testing, Taxfix set up Segment, a customer data platform (CDP) to unify all the information in its tech stack. Once Segment received the data, the platform streamed it to Snowflake, enabling Taxfix to share live data across cloud regions. Snowflake then connected with Looker for seamless data sharing. This new tech stack resulted in:

  • 50 to 70% time saved on data analysis.

  • 50% time saved for CRM managers.

  • 29.8% increase in message deliverability.

Final Thoughts

Snowflake Data Sharing enhances our ability to give customers access to the data they need, when they need it. Want to learn more about how Braze works with Snowflake? Check out How Braze and Snowflake Built an Effective, Ongoing Technical Partnership.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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