Ticketek Brings Personalized Event Recommendations to Customers With Braze, Snowflake, and Amazon
250% Lift in conversion rates


Ticketek wanted to personalize their Weekly Newsletter emails with machine learning based upon customer data and preferences that they already had in their data warehouse.


Leveraging the Braze platform’s Connected Content dynamic personalization feature, Ticketek was able to increase the range of products displayed to customers through a lens of machine learning relevance.


Ticketek improved their click-to-convert rate by 228% and increased sales by 49% in connection with opened Weekly Newsletter emails.

Ticketek is an Australian event ticketing company founded in 1979 and owned by TEG Pty Ltd. Headquartered in Sydney, Ticketek operates ticketing operations for entertainment and sporting events throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Providing great experiences is Ticketek’s business, and it starts with customer engagement—the better engaged their customers are, the more ticketed events they become aware of, and the more great experiences they can have by purchasing those tickets. So when Ticketek wanted to improve that cyclical experience by leveraging first-party customer data and adding personalization to their messaging mix, they turned to a more robust engagement solution: Braze.

Using Data to Better Serve Customers

Ticketek was already storing its customer data in a structured, centralized way using Snowflake, creating a gold mine of valuable customer data and insights. However, the team realized that they didn't have the technology they needed to take these insights and leverage them to trigger and customize campaigns so that they fit each customer's individual interests and actions (e.g. personalized event recommendations).

The Ticketek team realized that if they could personalize their messaging to individuals based on their interests, they’d have the ability to reduce the frequency of communications they sent out and continue to engage customers with events they were actually interested in, all while increasing conversions. The challenge wasn’t the strategy—it was figuring out how to make their vision a reality.

Channels Utilized

Alloys Partnerships

Offering Personalized Experiences with Braze

Ticketek started by enhancing one of its most important customer touchpoints, Weekly Newsletter emails. Using Braze Connected Content, which allows marketers to retrieve content and data from external sources and use it to dynamically personalize messaging, Ticketek could leverage the data they already store with Snowflake and add it to their Weekly Newsletters via a recommendation engine.

Ticketek also worked with Braze Alloys technology partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage Amazon Personalize, which allows developers with no prior machine learning experience to easily build sophisticated personalization capabilities into their applications. That made it possible to extract and process known user data and further personalize the emails with recommendations.

The aforementioned data is then brought back into Braze and presented as an array of events that can be personalized for each customer in the emails they receive. And each time the user interacts with a Ticketek email by clicking an event, they’re directed to the relevant event and the data about their choices is automatically collected to better personalize the experience in future emails.

Best of all, everything is now automated and consistent across all of Ticketek’s Weekly Newsletter emails, thanks to Braze Content Blocks, which allows marketers to manage reusable, cross-channel content in a single, centralized location.

“With Braze and its partners, we’re not only able to quickly build campaigns, but we can personalize more deeply than ever before. Our users love these new messages, which can be seen across a variety of improved metrics.”

Victor Condogeorges
Head of Marketing Technology at Ticketek

Ticketek Results: Smarter Campaigns, Stronger Conversion Rates

With Braze, Ticketek improved their click-to-convert rate by 228% over the control group, increased the volume of tickets sold per-open by 49%, and boosted their overall conversion rate on incremental products by 260%.

250% Increase in conversion rates
49% Increase in tickets sold per open
228% Click-to-convert improvement

Final Thoughts

In brick and mortar stores, great salespeople don’t just offer you every item on the shelf. They’re observant and know to ask what products you’ve enjoyed in the past so they can recommend new ones you might be interested in. Why shouldn’t a company that sells experiences, that knows about you and your previous purchases and preferences, do the same?

With Connected Content from Braze, Ticketek was able to bring known data about their customers into their messaging mix to personalize their event offerings for their users, leading to more relevant communications, and an improved customer experience, all while driving higher conversions.

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