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Braze Announces Snowflake Partnership and Data Sharing Support

Mike Dulle By Mike Dulle Jun 4, 2019

At Braze, we’ve put a stake in the ground when it comes to data agility. We're deeply committed to providing an experience that allows our customers to work smarter, not harder, and we believe that brands’ access to their data should be open and frictionless.

As part of that initiative, we’ve built out a data lake for Braze, creating a centralized information repository that will be a game changer for our company and our customers. So when we learned last year about data platform Snowflake’s planned Data Sharing feature, we saw an opportunity to give our customers instantaneous access to their Braze data and improve their ability to understand and manage it effectively. Given that, I’m pleased to announce a new partnership between Snowflake and Braze and the launch of Braze support for Snowflake Data Sharing.

What is Data Sharing?

Data Sharing is a powerful and innovative feature—developed by Snowflake—that enables account-to-account secure sharing of data through Snowflake database tables, secure views, and secure user-defined functions (UDFs). Snowflake already uses Data Sharing to provide its users with account usage data and sample data sets, but the feature is built to support a wide range of situations and use cases.

One key thing to know about Data Sharing: No data is actually copied or transferred between accounts. This is important because it means that shared data doesn't take up any storage space in your account, and therefore does not contribute to your company’s data storage charge. The only cost associated with Data Sharing is for the compute resources needed to process and analyze the data in question. And once Braze creates a secure share, our customers will have access to a read-only database of their data, with access that can be configured using the same role-based permissioning that Snowflake provides for all objects in the system.

What Data Sharing means for Braze customers

With Data Sharing, brands that use both Braze and Snowflake will have in the moment access to event data generated by their users and stored within the Braze platform, giving them the ability to analyze patterns of behavior for predictive modeling, generate funnel reports to better understand the user's journey, or trigger follow-up actions based on actions to re-engage users and drive continued adoption and loyalty, among other capabilities. The fact that our event data "lives" directly within our customers' data stack means that they can instantaneously join multiple, disparate sets of data to broaden their view into the metrics driving the business.

Our vision goes beyond just sharing Braze data with our customers. We see a world where we can bi-directionally share our data sets with our customers, and allow them to use their data to customize and personalize their messaging and engagement strategies from directly within the Braze platform. This partnership has the potential to make a massive and powerful impact on the way that Braze and Snowflake customers alike use and access data.

Final Thoughts

Our partnership with Snowflake runs deep. Not only are we partnering to bring our mutual customers access to their data through Data Sharing, but we also use Snowflake’s services ourselves. The power of the Snowflake infrastructure enables us to store, process, and query massive amounts of data in near real-time, and generate powerful reports back to our customers right within our Dashboard. Together, we are poised to become a dominant force within the industry, enabling customers to take their engagement strategies to new heights.

To learn more about the Braze partnership with Snowflake and our support for Snowflake Data Sharing, check out our documentation.

Mike Dulle

Mike Dulle

Mike Dulle is the Sr. Product Manager - Data/Analytics at Braze. When not crunching numbers about crunching numbers, you'll find him at impromptu living-room dance parties with his daughter, or re-living his old chef days in his home kitchen.

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