What is mParticle?

mParticle's customer data platform empowers you to do more with your data. Sophisticated marketers use mParticle to orchestrate data across their entire growth stack, enabling them to win in key moments of the customer journey.

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How we work together

Improve data flow by marrying mParticle and Braze for seamless control over information between systems. What's more, with Currents—Braze's real-time data export tool—you can connect data to mParticle and make it actionable across the entire growth stack.

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Unified Customer Data

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What you can do

Drive Engagement & Retention With Unified Data

Enrich your customer profiles with 3rd party data to amplify segmentation and personalization for deeper engagement across app, web, email, & IOT. Combine data from across the customer journey to understand when users are most likely to engage. Continuously sync data with Currents to maintain a real-time, bi-directional flow of information across systems.

Improve Insights & Marketing ROI

A continuously active data flow gives you the ability to use data from engagement campaigns to increase ROI for paid media. Unifying marketing engagement with downstream advertising channels enables you to improve usage of spend and customer experience for highly targeted, personalized ads, complete with one unified brand voice. You’ll merge customer profiles and customer data to create and share audiences in real time, linking separate channels to build one cohesive customer experience.

Remove Technical Roadblocks

Connect customer data from App, Web, CRM and connected TV to Braze with just a few clicks. Use Currents to compile Braze engagement performance data and send downstream to mParticle’s 150+ integrations.

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