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The Passion Issue

The Passion Issue

Your customer/brand relationships are just that—relationships. And, as with any relationship, success takes time, work, consideration, self-awareness, and (of course) passion. Maybe it’s time to shift from customer-centric to relationship-centric marketing. We’ve got the tools to get started.

The EQ Issue

The EQ Issue

In a world where brand experiences happen continuously across platforms, devices, and channels, it’s not enough to speak to your customers; you have to listen, too. To truly support emotionally intelligent customer engagement, brands need to double-down on data, testing, and optimization.

Teams Issue

The Teams Issue

It's no secret that successful marketing takes good, actionable data and the right technology. But to truly be successful and create the seamless customer expereinces we're all striving for, you need teams that are empowered both to collaborate successfully and to flex their own super powers.

Creativity Issue

The Creativity Issue

Creativity means using eye-catching visuals and sparkling copy for the messages your brand sends—but it also means embracing innovation, testing, iteration, and nontraditional thinking across every part of your organization to make the most of what technology makes possible, and to...

Intuition Issue

The Intuition Issue

What was once fodder for sci-fi films are now crucial for any business's success—yes, any business. When used correctly, data & AI are powerful tools that can propel your business forward. When they're not? Things (like your ROI) can fall pretty flat. Learn the ins, outs, and a few in-betweens of how your data & AI can elevate your team's efforts. Start exploring: you might even have a little fun along the way

Security Issue

The Security Issue

The rise of mobile has made it possible for companies to understand and serve their audiences more effectively than ever before. But the nuanced customer data that makes those experiences possible also carries risk—especially for companies that aren’t mindful of privacy and security concerns as they execute their marketing efforts. Make sure you’re prepared with a little help from Braze Magazine. From GDPR to HIPAA, from PII to PHI, it’s all in here!