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4 Best-in-Class Push Notification Campaigns

For the very best push notifications in the biz, look no further than Burger King, Fiverr, NASCAR, and Anthropologie for inspiration. Here are mobile messaging campaigns that have surprised and delighted customers and driven KPIs like engagement, revenue, and more.

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Kolibri Games Increases Total Revenue by 15% With Braze and Looker

Berlin-based Kolibri Games achieved success with mobile titles such as Idle Miner Tycoon, Idle Factory Tycoon, Idle Restaurant Tycoon and others, but wanted to roll out new features that could increase revenue without upsetting the apple cart. With Braze and Looker, they built a segment-driven testing approach that demonstrated the value of testing.


Choose Your Fighter: Content Cards Vs. In-App Messages

Trying to decide whether to use an IAM or a Content Card? It all comes down to identifying the strengths of each channel for your and your customers’ needs. This question comes up quite often in discussions (for good reason) and deserves proper evaluation. Let's dive in.

case studies

PureGym Generates a 55% Open Rate with Targeted, Relevant Emails Using the Braze API

PureGym offers low-cost and flexible memberships across nearly 300 gyms in the United Kingdom. To build customer loyalty and improve the gym-going experience, PureGym partnered with Braze to create timely and relevant API-triggered email campaigns, winning an open rate of 55%.


Pulling Back the Curtain: How Solutions Partners Can Support Brilliant Customer Engagement

Solutions partners can help support your customer engagement by offering technical and marketing expertise, knowledge of leading MarTech systems, and both the strategic thinking and hands-on skills needed to put together the best stack for your company's and customers' needs.


Beyond Double-Digit Days: Sophisticated Customer Engagement Pays Off All Year Long

The 2020 shopping festival season can provide inspiration for all, not just retailers. Leverage Braze customer insights and expert advice from the Singles Day Marketing Guide to help shape 2021 customer engagement strategies now.