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Structuring Your Team For Today's Customer Engagement Needs

The rise of mobile changed marketing—leading to more meaningful data collection and personalization, as well as higher customer expectations. But that change has also had an impact on how teams need to operate to effectively keep today's consumers engaged.


The Road to SMS Marketing: Boost Engagement With Time-Sensitive Messaging

Time-sensitive campaigns—such as announcements about new products, services, or content—offer a great opportunity to connect with your customers and foster regular activity, especially among less engaged or potentially lapsing users. Here's how to get started.


End of an Era: What Changes to Apple’s IDFA Mean for Marketing

At WWDC, Apple announced a major change in the way that brands gain access to their users’ IDFAs, potentially complicating existing marketing campaigns dependent on this key identifier. Learn what this means for your marketing program with our exclusive overview.


Push and Beyond: How Building a Cross-Channel Strategy Builds True Engagement

With their differing methodologies, strengths, and weaknesses, “push” and “pull” messaging might seem to be incompatible art forms. Research indicates, however, that they can play a complementary role in boosting customer engagement. What’s more, mastering the interplay between them can be key to true messaging mastery.


The Vertically Integrated Stack

To meet the needs of today's always-on, mobile-first consumer, brands need to ensure that they have technologies on hand that can operate in coordinated, seamless ways to serve up exceptional experiences. Learn how a vertically integrated tech stack can help make that possible.

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Braze Named to Forbes Cloud 100 for Third Consecutive Year

Braze is excited to announce that it has been named to the Forbes Cloud 100 for 2020! We feel incredibly proud of Forbes’ ongoing recognition of Braze as a leader in the cloud space. Thank you to every Braze employee who made it possible for us to receive this honor for the third year in a row.