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The Braze For Impact Podcast #4: Email Deliverance

On each episode of the Braze for Impact podcast, host PJ Bruno sits down with guests to dig into the latest and greatest when it comes to tech industry news and trends. In this episode, PJ chatted with Braze Product Manager Gurbir Singh and Braze Director of Email Deliverability Andrew Barrett.


Why Cross-Channel Personalization Is a Retail Marketer’s Dream

Research by Braze has found that leveraging dynamic content personalization to automatically add in content like individual product recommendations to messages in real time can boost unique email click rates by up to 1.7x. Here's how to do it for retail.


What are Deep Links?

Great customer engagement isn’t just about reaching users where they are—it’s about getting them where they want to go. Learn how deep linking makes it possible for brands to seamlessly direct consumers to targeted pages within their app, providing a cohesive digital experience.


Master Cross-Channel Optimization with These 3 Key Technologies

Running an effective cross-channel marketing campaign requires a lot of thought and care. To execute successfully, you need a customer engagement platform like Braze that’s built for cross-channel and has the right mix of optimization tools. So let’s take a look at three key technologies within the Braze platform that are designed to help brands more easily optimize their cross-channel marketing efforts.


Why Cross-Channel Engagement Matters for Your Business

Messaging channels like email and push notifications are the freeways on that map. Routing your audience’s customer journeys requires you to understand the best way to get each individual where they’re looking to go using a cross-channel messaging approach. It’s a process, one that requires strategy, coordination, and the right technology. Let's dive in.


Personalize Cross-Channel Visuals in the Moment With Braze and Movable Ink

In order to meet the needs of consumers today, brands need the data, technology, and strategy to serve up highly personalized experiences to their customers in the moment. To make it easier for brands to leverage advanced personalization to their cross-channel messaging, Braze is pleased to announce a new partnership with leading visual platform experience provider Movable Ink.