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It’s proven: Brands who excel in customer engagement make more money. Want to know if your company’s customer engagement efforts are sophisticated enough? Find out when you take our Customer Engagement Survey and get tips to improve.

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About the Survey

To help assess the maturity of brands’ customer engagement strategies, we developed a proprietary framework based on organizational and technological themes against 12 key factors.

We’ll plot your responses against the Braze Customer Index so you can see how mature your customer engagement strategies are.


Looking to drive stronger business results through customer engagement? Ensure you have technology that’s capable of supporting exceptional customer experiences, and robust testing across a full range of teams and digital channels.

We measure brands against six tech factors: Channels, Classification, Data, Orchestration, Performance, and Personalization.


No matter how powerful your brand’s technology is, it can’t reach its full potential without the right mix of stakeholders. The way your customer engagement teams are structured, how collaboration is prioritized, and the culture of a team can make or break customer engagement success over the long haul.

We measure brands against six team factors: Culture, Experimentation, Metrics, Objectives, Staffing, and Strategy.

How Do Your Engagement Efforts Measure Up?

On behalf of Braze, Wakefield Research surveyed over 1,500 VP+ marketing executives from business-to-consumer (B2C) companies with an annual revenue of $10+ million across 14 global markets. We also analyzed Braze customer data to assess the maturity of brands’ customer engagement strategies.

The findings show three clear levels of maturity: Activate, Accelerate, and Ace. Where do you stand?

Are you an Activate, Accelerate, or Ace? Take the survey and find out.