Your Data, Where You Need It with Appboy Currents [Data Management Tool Product Announcement]

Break down data silos and make the most of your customer information

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Effective marketing is built on data.

The rise of mobile has made it possible for brands to collect more—and more nuanced—data than ever before. That’s provided unprecedented insight into each customer’s interests, preferences, and engagement patterns and made it possible to individually target and customize brand experiences and messaging for each member of their audience. With 83% of consumers now expecting personalized experiences from brands, that’s made effective data collection and utilization key to successful customer retention and monetization.

But while collecting data is easier than it’s ever been, managing and viewing customer data is still surprisingly difficult for many companies. Enterprise firms store 80% of all existing data, but significant amounts of that information is siloed. Companies that find ways to break down those data siloes and put their information to better use can support superior customer experiences and see big financial rewards—increasing data accessibility by just 10% results in more than $65 million in additional net income for a typical Fortune 1000 company.

To make it easier for brands to effectively stream and manage their customer data, Appboy created a powerful new tool: Appboy Currents.

Appboy Currents

What is Currents?

This real-time, high volume data export interface supports direct connections between Appboy’s lifecycle engagement platform and data warehouses, business intelligence tools, and other layers of the modern marketing tech stack.

With this new feature, transferring data is as easy as flipping a switch. Currents allows brands to automatically move data between Appboy and other layers of their stack—making it simple to manage and evolve your marketing strategies and processes and to ensure that all teams within a given organization have open access to any Appboy data they need, on any platform, at any time.

“Currents is a major evolution for the Appboy platform—one that really brings home the fact that we exist within a wider ecosystem,” said Bill Magnuson, Appboy cofounder and CEO. “It seamlessly works with a company’s existing setup, adding speed, ease-of-use, and functionality.”

What Currents makes possible

Appboy Currents is designed to help bridge the gaps between teams and to simplify the process of moving information between the Appboy platforms and other systems in a sustainable, highly scalable way.

With Currents, it’s possible to automatically stream Appboy customer engagement data to an analytics platform to support large-scale analysis of  data, then identify previously hidden magic moments in your product experience. Or to transfer Appboy data to a data management platform that in turn integrates with other key tools such as product recommendation engines, DSPs, data enrichment tools, and a lot more.

Postmates used Currents in connection with the launch of a large national campaign associated with ABC’s The Bachelorette. That allowed the brand to identify marketing friction points linked to the campaign in real time and iterate on the fly, saving their marketing team hours of work and giving them a better understanding of the interactions between their marketing and the Postmates platform. Currents also made it possible for Postmates to use the Appboy platform and Amplitude in concert to test multiple versions of a new rewards program and to easily analyze and optimize its impact on LTV.

“With this integration, we now have greater visibility into campaign lifecycles on any platform, streamed in real time, providing us with insights that exponentially multiply marketing efficiencies,” said Tanner McGrath, lead product manager at Postmates. “The speed and ease of Appboy Currents has completely transformed how our team uses customer engagement data, enabling deeper machine learning and analytics drilled down to the customer level—it’s a game-changer!”

Anything else?

Appboy Currents is in a limited beta release that includes seamless data transfers between the Appboy platform and Amplitude Analytics; additional integrations with Amazon Redshift, mParticle, and Segment are currently in active development. To learn more about this powerful new feature, visit our Currents pagereach out using Appboy’s contact page or request a demo.

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