tiket.com Drives 3X More Revenue With a Cross-Channel Onboarding Experience

tiket.com, an Online Travel Agency (OTA), was looking to evolve their onboarding process to keep customers on their app and website engaged. Check out how they designed two unique customer journeys that helped increase their revenue three times over.

Planning a trip can be a complicated ordeal—with so many decisions to make, people can get lost in the sea of options. Enter tiket.com, an Online Travel Agency (OTA) based in Indonesia, that helps users find the cheapest flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

tiket.com prides itself on the simplicity that it brings to its customers, boasting a straightforward booking process, an easy-to-create user profile, and stress-free rescheduling options. With the goal of extending this clarity to their customer onboarding process, they turned to Braze.

tiket.com Redesigns its Customer Journey

While working on improving the customer experience, tiket.com saw an opportunity to revamp its onboarding process. They knew that app and web users have different experiences, so they designed two unique onboarding flows using Braze Canvas, our customer journey builder, to ensure that they were catering effectively to users on the web and within their app.

tiket.com began by targeting app and web users who initiated initial sessions but hadn’t yet made a purchase. The brand created unique messages prompting those segments of users to register and log-in, then delivered them at specific time periods.

Additionally, tiket.com greeted new web users with in-browser messages (IBM) that directed them to curated content (e.g. flights, hotels, etc.). After the initial in-browser message, they also welcomed web users with an email that included a unique promo code and educated the user on what they would find if they searched deeper into the site.

On the app, new users were welcomed with an in-app message (IAM) when they first logged in. A unique promo code was triggered to send to new app users based on their initial searches on the app. Rich push notifications featuring images, GIFs, audio, and video further directed app users to an exclusive promo code landing page. tiket.com leveraged these segmented interactions with new app users in order to keep them engaged within the app.

Following the initial targeted interactions welcoming new users, tiket.com continued to personalize their interactions based on where each user was in their customer lifecycle. The OTA sent targeted messages based on specific milestones in the customer's personal journey via email, in-app messages, in-browser messages, and mobile push notifications. By maintaining the segmented and personalized messaging strategy throughout that journey, tiket.com kept their customer base engaged as they traveled through the customer lifecycle.

Results: tiket.com’s Revenue Tripled

Since implementing a more targeted and personalized customer journey, tiket.com was able to engage a wider audience. This strategy led tiket.com to a 3X increase in revenue, 1,285% increase in usage of onboarding-specific promo codes, and a 572% lift in impressions when compared to the previous campaign.

Final Thoughts

By leveraging Braze Canvas to design two unique cross-channel onboarding flows, tiket.com was able to engage with new users and keep them engaged as they traveled through the customer lifecycle. To learn more, check out how Birchbox increased conversions by 25% with a robust segmentation strategy.