How Cabify Built a Year-End Campaign That Deepens Relationships With Their Customers
70% Users engaged with the Wrapped Campaign


In their mission to make cities a better place to live by providing transportation that best suits the mobility needs of everyone, Cabify needed a compelling way to drive users to update the app to ensure they have the best possible experience.


Armed with a wealth of data, they partnered with Braze to develop a personalized year-end Wrapped campaign over in-app messages (IAM) to mark their customers’ milestones and get users to update the app. This year-end Wrapped campaign was first conceptualized in an internal hackathon.


70% of users watched the Wrapped campaign more than once, while some watched their campaign up to 15 times. Wrapped was a big hit, with the highest user engagement in Argentina, Spain, and Colombia. Within two weeks of the campaign launch, over 87% of user journeys were completed with the latest version of the Cabify App.

At Cabify, connecting individuals and businesses with the means of transportation that best suits their needs is all in a day’s work. The multimobility app does more than just provide users with more choices daily in 40 cities worldwide; its sustainable business model is designed to help make cities thrive. As opposed to your average mobility as a service (MaaS) companies, Cabify customers can feel confident they’re investing in the cities where they live every time they book their next ride.

Cabify is with its customers every step of the way, so it is no surprise that they view customer engagement as essential to their success. To support their users day in and day out, the team has designed a series of customer journeys to improve every aspect of their service across a host of touchpoints, from journey tracking in the app to delivering communications between drivers and passengers.

Building an Engaging Year-End Wrapped Campaign, Step by Step

Cabify’s team takes a holistic approach to the customer journey, including everything from crucial onboarding milestones to day-to-day use. By mapping the end-to-end journey for each audience, the team can efficiently orchestrate detailed and responsive journeys with Braze Canvas Flow. Another benefit of taking the long-lens view is that it enables their CRM team to gain a complete picture of what each customer needs, so they can determine the best way to provide that. From the moment a customer starts their Cabify journey, Braze is used to improve the overall user experience and the performance of key metrics like retention and open rates.

Initially, Product, Design, Engineering, Data Analytics, and Marketing members met to discuss the best way to increase engagement. They also wanted to encourage users to update the app to the latest version to get the best experience using Cabify. The team decided on a year-in-review campaign to accomplish these goals.

Here’s how the team did it:

  1. First, the team separated the Wrapped campaign into two different strategies. To boost app engagement, they built a one-time Wrapped campaign for users on any version of the app. To encourage users to upgrade the app, they also gated the Wrapped messages behind a button in the app that only showed up on the latest version of the app. Once they upgraded their app, users could click the button to rewatch their personal Wrapped story again and again.

  2. Next, they decided to use custom HTML in-app messages in Braze to create and deliver the campaign.

  3. Keeping the brand’s sustainable ethos core to the initiative, Braze allowed the team to design every second of the user experience without sacrificing flexibility or scalability. They could use the Braze SDK to trigger the campaign for each user, which was a massive win for them.

  4. For the first campaign, the team worked closely with Design to build custom creative. They created ten slides showing users’ milestone data, with a final page that enabled the team to drop in their desired call to action (CTA).

  5. Next, the Global Content team got to work building out content for each slide. With specific guardrails in place, they settled on which metrics would resonate most with users, from the number of rides they gave a good rating to the exact distance they traveled that year in kilometers.

  6. Of course, to build a responsive and personally relevant campaign for millions of users, ensuring you have the correct data at your disposal is everything. The Global Content team partnered with Data Engineering to understand the data available. Then, these specific data points were used to create the most compelling and personalized messages possible.

  7. Cabify’s Data Engineering team used the AWS Lambda function to quickly read and process a CSV file with user attributes from an S3 bucket into Braze.

  8. With their data locked in, the CRM team composed and built their messages in Braze. Using Liquid to personalize the content to each user, they could share interesting details like if a user completed more rides in the evening or the morning. They used nine custom attributes to drum up 864 content variations dependent on individual users’ data.

  9. Additionally, the Cabify team required users to update their app in order to access the campaign. The appeal of seeing their app activity in a visual and highly contextual format was a great hook to drive adoption of the latest app version.

  10. Next, it was time to plan the launch. Working with the product team, they set one campaign to launch on December 15, 2022. The campaign was set to run for two weeks and would target every user who had taken a ride with Cabify over the year. This setup ensured they would provide users with at least one piece of interesting information about themselves.

  11. The second campaign was launched right away for every user with the latest version of the app. When a user clicked on a button inside the app, it triggered an SDK event that launched the campaign. This approach allowed users to access the personalized in-app message content whenever they wanted, as opposed to only seeing it when they opened the app.

  12. Ultimately, it took just three months from conception to launch the campaign. Most of the three months were spent ideating and planning the campaign from start to finish; the data integration and custom HTML IAM were set up in late November.

When the campaign launched, users who logged into the app with the latest version saw a button in their app, which triggered an in-app message that read “My Cabify Journey 2022.”

The nine slides featured personally relevant stats and their corresponding equivalents, like how the time they traveled with Cabify was the equivalent of six soccer games. The slides also celebrated ways their Cabify trips have helped improve the city they called home, like CO2 emission offsets and forest conservation.

Lastly, for users who had yet to update the app, they received a CTA prompting them to make the switch, so they could revisit their Cabify journey whenever they wanted.

“The flexibility of Braze’s features allowed us to design every second of the user experience, building our brand philosophy into the campaign without sacrificing flexibility or scalability. Not only that but using Braze's SDK to trigger the campaign for each user was a definite win for us.”

Miguel Semprun
Global Martech Manager at Cabify

Cabify’s Results: Better Customer Experiences, Higher Engagement Rates

The campaign effectively drove users to the app to view their unique stats and increased the number of app updates. Taking a personalized approach to creativity also proved effective, as 70% of users watched their bespoke Wrapped campaign more than once, while some watched their campaigns up to 15 times. Ultimately, within two weeks of the campaign’s launch, the team observed over 87% of their users’ journeys were made using the updated version of the app.

70% Users engaged with the Wrapped Campaign
87% User journeys completed on the latest app update
15X Wrapped Campaign views

Key Takeaways

  1. Let your conscience be your engagement guide. Your brand’s ethos first attracted customers to your business, so don’t be shy about building your customer engagement around what matters to you and your consumer. Celebrating things like carbon emissions offsets with your customers is a great way to show how you’re working together to make the world a better place.

  2. Customer engagement is a cross-functional undertaking. While on the surface, it may look like a Marketing-only initiative, leading companies rely on knowledge sharing across departments like Data Analytics, Product, or Engineering to build the campaigns that drive results effectively.

  3. Winning campaigns can come together quickly. There’s no need to sleep on a good idea when reaching your customers. The right customer engagement tool is purpose-built with streaming data to help you compose, orchestrate, and test your lifecycle campaigns—with as little as a few months from ideation to launch.