Embracing the Era of Creative Customer Engagement

In the wake of the pandemic, consumer behavior transformed overnight—pushing brands to adopt creative new strategies to engage customers. Suddenly, being able to reach customers on the right channel, at the right time, with relevant messages is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity. To thrive, brands need the right tools and technologies to deliver the real-time, personalized experiences that customers expect.

What to Consider Before Investing in Your Tech Stack

Delivering in-the-moment, personalized experiences requires a best-in-class stack of cloud technologies built on streaming data. But no stack is one-size-fits-all. Here’s what every brand needs to consider to get it right.

What a Best-in-Class Tech Ecosystem Stack Looks Like

1. Top Solutions Partners

    If you’re looking to build and iterate your technology roadmap, having the right solutions partners in your corner is key. Not only can they be useful in aligning stakeholders and departments around common goals, but they can provide in-depth support when it comes to leveraging technologies in concert.

    2. Multi-Dimensional Data

      With consumers jumping from one device to the next, it’s now possible to capture more data than ever before to inform your strategy. A robust tech stack enables brands to turn that data into actionable insights that provides a holistic view of each customer.

      3. Outside-the-Box Journeys

      To speak to the post-pandemic customer effectively, brands need a foundation of live-updating data that supports responsive experiences. Doing so unlocks not only more creativity but opportunities to engage customers dynamically throughout their journey.

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