Your Digital Experience is Key to Building Customer Loyalty

By Kirsten Damitz Sep 8, 2021

Last week, while slowly melting in the summer heat, I had the brilliant idea of ordering a water slide and kiddie pool (technically for my toddler, but mostly for the adults). I flipped through a couple of apps until I hit the jackpot: Summer products right on the home page, quick delivery, and one-click ordering. Here’s to cooling off soon!

With all the competition that’s out there, an app and marketing strategy that is geared towards today’s digital consumers can set you apart from the rest. Clunky checkout flows and delayed order confirmations have no place in our fast-paced, mobile-first world.

The best digital brands create long-term relationships with consumers by anticipating their needs and becoming trusted partners. Is someone browsing seemingly aimlessly and not finding anything to their liking? Send them personalized recommendations in a push message or email with an easy “click-to-buy” option. Do you know that a product someone bought a month ago is probably about to run out? Help them avoid that headache by sending out timely reminders to re-order.

About a week after my summer purchases, the company I ordered from sent me a push message asking if I would like water balloons to go with my slide and pool. Great products, easy to use, and they even anticipated my desire to have a water balloon fight with my family? Consider me a customer for life.

Kirsten Damitz

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