iOS 10 Rich Push Notifications Are Here [Product Announcement]

Team Braze By Team Braze Sep 5, 2016

Mobile has been steadily conquering digital content and commerce for nearly a decade. As the mobile ecosystem develops and expands, the leading players Apple and Google have launched a widening array of tools that marketing and CRM teams can use to engage and retain their customers.

With the likely announcement of the iPhone 7 on September 7th, Apple will open up a wealth of new mobile rich push notification options as iOS 10 rolls out. Here’s a breakdown of the most important features included in this release, and what they mean for your mobile growth and engagement strategies.

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What’s new?

Rich notifications

iOS 10 brings support for rich content in push notifications, empowering you to deliver significantly more engaging content directly to your users. You’ll be able to deliver compelling content that includes images, GIFs, and videos directly to your users, providing a strong visual incentive for them to interact with and dive deeper into your app. A picture (or GIF!) is worth a thousand words, and rich notifications are the perfect way to entice your customers with a mobile experience that will truly excite them.


Appboy is excited to announce support for iOS 10 rich notifications for all customers. You can upload and send content directly from our Dashboard, or automatically trigger messages to your users using our powerful and flexible APIs.

Content extensions

iOS 10 also supports rich content extensions that allow your users to interact with an extension of your app within the context of a notification—all without needing to even open your app! Use content extensions to bridge the gap between the Notification Center and your in-app experience: display dynamic content such as a rich map experience, or allow users to update data directly from a notification.

You can think of content extensions as notification based, accessible bridges into your app. Engage your users with the urgency and relevance of a notification combined with the rich aesthetic and custom functionality of the full app experience.

These deep experiences can be tightly integrated with Appboy, allowing you to seamlessly blend interactions in your rich extensions with our single view of your user to power further re-engagement campaigns, content recommendations, or transactional messaging.

What does this mean for my engagement strategy?

iOS 10 brings an explosion of new possibilities for engaging your users in the Apple ecosystem, so it’s imperative that you begin exploring the strategies that will truly resonate with your mobile audience.

As your app users upgrade to iOS 10, you can use Appboy’s powerful experimentation platform to test new types of rich content and hone in on the personalized experiences that will allow you to build great relationships with your customers everywhere. To prepare, learn more about Appboy’s support for iOS 10 and prepare your team for how to bring richer content to your iOS users experiences in Appboy Academy documentation.

iOS 10 Appboy dashboard

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Appboy exists to help marketers seize the opportunities created by the challenges of today’s mobile economy—including the latest channel changes like those introduced in iOS 10. Want to learn more about how we help marketers connect human-to-human, at scale, with their customers, driving deep engagement and ROI?

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