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Braze Celebrates National Intern Day

Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 30, 2020

This summer, Braze has welcomed an exceptional group of interns from across to the country to join our engineering, sales, customer success, and marketing teams. We’re incredibly excited that they’ve chosen to spend their summer with us—interns bring a fresh perspective and deep enthusiasm that invigorates teams. Today, on National Intern Day, we’d like to express our gratitude to our 2020 interns and to give them the opportunity to share their experiences here at Braze. Check out the team:

Hadassah Lai, Customer Success Intern — New York, NY,

“I was able to shadow a Product Manager for a day back in January and jumped at the chance to apply for an internship at Braze. I was excited about this internship because I was eager to learn more about Braze and the Customer Success Manager (CSM) role. What stands out to me is that the people at Braze are extremely appreciative of people’s work no matter how big or small the project is. It creates a wonderful, positive environment for employees to grow and thrive in. I can't wait to continue to connect with more people at Braze and contribute to more projects.”

(To learn more about Hadassah’s experiences at Braze, check out her Perspectives piece, “A Week In The Life Of A (Remote!) Customer Success Intern.”)

Wendy Qiu, Software Engineering Intern — St Louis, MO

“I chose Braze for many reasons; mainly because I think the online assessment of coding was very interesting, actually the most challenging one I’ve ever seen! The People team was really enthusiastic and helpful during my interview process. In my short time here, I have learned that Braze really supports work-life balance. I have plenty of meaningful things to do everyday but never feel exhausted after I finish my tasks. Lastly, Braze holds some amazing events! I loved the trivia and board game night. It was so great to play interesting games while meeting new people!”

Jack Biddle, Business Development Representative (BDR) Intern — San Francisco, CA

“I first heard about Braze at an info session at my college, UC Santa Barbara. The Braze commitment to technology, curiosity, and customer relationships immediately resonated with me. After I read more about Braze and its mission and trajectory there was no looking back! So far my favorite thing has been how helpful and accessible everyone has been throughout the onboarding process. I really feel like I can ask anyone for guidance and they will give me their full attention. I am really looking forward to interacting with some of our amazing clients and also continuing to make connections with people in other departments and offices.”

Daniel Eichelberger, Customer Success Intern — Berkeley, California

“I heard about Braze through my older sister, Sara, who was working at Braze as a CSM and has now transitioned into a technical account manager role. Braze seemed like a really exciting and fast-growing company that’s still small enough where I could feel like I'm legitimately making an impact on company operations. My favorite thing about Braze so far is how accessible the people seem to be. Everyone I talk to is willing to set aside their time to help me learn and grow. On top of that, the Braze product has so much depth, so there's really endless learning opportunities...which I feel able to pursue because of how accessible people are. I'm really looking forward to producing work that is tangible and impactful in my final month at Braze. I've spent a lot of time learning and getting up to speed with the Braze product and I want to make sure that I can convert my learning into work that will have real payoffs for the CSM team moving forward.”

(Find out what Daniel learned during his summer at Braze with his Perspectives piece, “5 Things I Learned About Customer Engagement From a Summer at Braze.”)

Brian Do, Software Engineering Intern — Seattle, Washington

I found out about Braze through my brother, who knows an employee at Braze. He told me a little about the company and I thought the product was really interesting and the internship position would be a good fit. I have really enjoyed the activities Braze has put together for their employees, like Trivia Night and Game Night! I look forward to wrapping up the message descriptions project I've been working on throughout the internship and I hope it’s helpful for Braze customers!

Erin Pricoli, Social Media and Communication Intern — Red Bank, New Jersey

“I first saw the job posting on LinkedIn. After thinking that it would be just another unanswered application, I was so happy to find out I landed the internship. I knew I wanted to be a part of Braze after looking at our social media accounts and seeing the culture shine through after just a few posts. Upon starting, I quickly learned the culture and people at Braze cannot be matched. Everyone is so intelligent and genuinely cares about their work, which has been both inspiring and motivating to be exposed to. I was interested in exploring the tech industry and knew Braze would be the perfect place to start. I'm looking forward to fine-tuning my writing skills and working towards growing our social channels over the next few weeks. I can't wait to expand my knowledge of the tech industry and continue learning, growing, and networking before the summer comes to a close.”

Abhinav Khare, Software Engineering Intern — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“It was important for me to work on something that I am interested in—and Braze gave me that choice and assigned me to a team that was a perfect match for me. Furthermore, Braze as a product is very exciting, because my work has a direct impact, touching millions of users when I am building something. I love the fact that everyone here is really approachable and helpful. Even though I joined remotely, every aspect of my internship amazed me: From a smooth onboarding to working on my actual project, and how much thought went into designing it before I joined Braze.The code that I wrote for the Data Infrastructure team adds significant functionality in our Braze Currents high-volume data export feature, giving customers more support when it comes to publicly identifiable information (PII) management. I am super excited to see it go into production, and learn how it scales for millions of users.”

Diana Smirnova, Software Engineering Intern — Staten Island, NY

“I was curious about working for a company that is rapidly growing and scaling up, so Braze felt like a great fit. I was looking forward to watching the company change and adapt, even over the course of a brief internship. I've enjoyed the discussion and sharing of ideas at Braze, both company-wide and on a smaller scale within my team. Even with a smaller team, there are many different viewpoints to discuss, and different perspectives are valued. My project this summer involved simulating the algorithm used to fetch and run jobs related to sending out messages for user-created campaigns. I explored how changing certain variables could affect the outcomes we see—for example, how quickly we send out the first message of a campaign. Our goal is to see if changing these variables in production has an effect that matches the predictions based on the simulation. I'm really excited to actually test out what I've been working on and see the results!”

Anything Else?

Braze is continuing to hire top talent across all of our teams, including both full-time roles and internships. If you’re interested in joining Braze, please take a look at our current openings.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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