Measure And Improve Campaign Effectiveness Thanks to Appboy’s Conversion Tracking

Team Braze By Team Braze Dec 22, 2014


While mobile analytics have historically trailed behind, with conversion tracking we are bringing marketers the superior ability to not only monitor, but take action on, metrics tied to marketing campaigns.

Instead of getting a surface level read on how well a campaign did by looking at opens and clicks, Appboy’s conversion tracking provides 360-degree insight into how your efforts are performing against your marketing goals. Rather than basing decisions off of shallow data or educated guesses, your strategy can be informed by the actions of individual users. By being able to track sessions, purchases, custom events and more, it’s possible to immediately improve your outreach by monitoring desired conversions on a per person basis over time. Using multivariate testing alongside conversion metrics, you can determine the highest performing campaign and tweak others to reflect the learnings. Even if those messages are triggered via our API, referencing our analytics will allow you to gauge and improve the effectiveness of campaigns run outside of Appboy’s ecosystem.

Conversion tracking powerfully connects out-of-app messages with in-app actions. Our client Saucey, a premier alcohol delivery app, recently sent an engagement email to a segment of users who had recently made their first purchase. With our new feature, they were able to increase their customers’ frequency of purchase and track a success rate of 9.54% for incentivizing another within the week the email was sent. Thanks to conversion tracking, they discovered their initiative was not only capable of increasing engagement of their users, but also of encouraging in-app purchases. By having all user actions –including conversion-related ones – feed into the user profile marketers will have a better grasp than ever about what motivates their customers and how they can successfully retarget based on previous actions.

If you have any questions about this feature, don’t hesitate emailing [email protected].

Mark Ghermezian
Co-Founder and CEO, Appboy

Team Braze

Team Braze