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How AI Can Help You Overcome Challenges Across Your Campaign Production Lifecycle

Team Braze By Team Braze Aug 15, 2023

Between strategy development, asset product, optimization, and post-launch analysis, campaign production, and iteration can be a time-consuming endeavor. Teams often struggle with creative bottlenecks and heavy workloads, which leave little room for strategizing new, innovative campaigns that could elevate your brand. Even after a campaign has launched, extracting meaningful insights can be a complex and tedious task—yet these insights are crucial for optimizing existing campaigns and informing future ones.

In our quest to maximize productivity and extract more value from our working hours, it's crucial to consider how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist in every step of the campaign production lifecycle. By integrating AI into these processes, we can overcome these hurdles, streamline our operations, and, ultimately, create more impactful marketing campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look at how AI can help across the campaign production lifecycle.

1. Campaign creation, strategization, and production take large amounts of time and resources.

Strategizing new and creative campaigns takes time that many teams just do not have. Additionally, it can be difficult to find new inspiration to help create campaigns that are going to move the needle. And then, once a campaign is conceived, image generation, copywriting, and content refinement take large amounts of time, and may lack relevance by the time the campaign is out the door.

This is where AI can help. AI can assist in campaign production, so you have more time to strategize and build meaningful campaigns. It can also be a creative muse to help you come up with ideas and experiences that will be most meaningful to your customers. Overall, AI help introduce time into your workflows and increase efficiency so you can produce more and faster.

2. Delivering the personalized experiences that customers expect can be difficult to launch and execute at scale.

For marketers, manual personalization is impossible at scale—especially since resources and time are limited. At the same time,, the level of personalization is a often a deciding factor for customers when choosing the brands they frequent.

This is another place where AI can help. When launching and analyzing campaigns, AI can help marketers create and orchestrate experiences for customers that are tailored to their attributes, needs, and preferences. With this personalization, AI can be an assistant in serving up experiences that are truly the most impactful for each individual.

3. Optimizing can take large amounts of time, which many marketing teams just do not have the bandwidth for.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if the changes that you are making to a campaign are actually improving the campaign. You can make changes based on hypotheses, but before the campaign is launched, it can be hard to know if this will move the needle. In many ways, campaign optimization can include large amounts of guesswork and large amounts of time.

By incorporating AI into the fold, campaign optimization can be faster and more effective. AI-based optimization helps to make sure customers are receiving the best-performing campaign, whether it is the best-performing overall or it is the best-performing for that specific individual. Additionally, instead of spending large amounts of time making changes. AI can be used to streamline this process and automate the messages and campaigns that will be the most resonant with a brand.

Final Thoughts

We have shared each phase of what marketers go through in creating a campaign and how AI can be used at every stage to boost efficiency, streamline workflows, and enhance results. In summary:

  1. AI can be used to help automate tedious tasks for more effective strategizing in spearheading creative initiatives.

  2. Generative AI can help speed up content creation and allow for faster campaign production.

  3. Personalization tools can help launch more meaningful experiences at scale.

  4. AI can uncover meaningful insights to power better engagement experiences.

  5. AI can be infused into optimization to automate messages that get the best results for the whole audience and the individual.

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Team Braze

Team Braze

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