Effortlessly Engage Users Based on Individual Behavior With Action-Based Delivery

Team Braze By Team Braze Apr 21, 2015


Messaging is a crucial part of your business’s strategy for managing the user life cycle and driving your users toward key conversions. However, failing to keep that messaging personally relevant and timely can annoy your users. With the release of Action-Based Delivery, Appboy is giving marketers powerful tools to intelligently deliver messages in response to each user’s behavior.

This is an exciting addition to a marketing platform built around the goal of keeping your messaging personally relevant. With just a few clicks in the dashboard, marketers can now link the delivery and timing of their message to built-in behaviors like opening the app or making a purchase, as well as app-specific behaviors like abandoning a shopping cart or advancing to the next level of a game. Triggering your marketing based on individual behavior means the user receives your message while completing that purchase or beating that level is still front of mind.

Appboy’s Action-Based Delivery truly sets itself apart from other products by providing unprecedented flexibility in deciding if and when a user gets a message. In addition to allowing you to configure a delay before sending your message and the time of day when it should be sent, we give you the flexibility to cancel a message if subsequent behavior makes it irrelevant. For example, you can send a message after a user abandons a cart, unless they return organically and complete the purchase or add more items. The potential here to send tailored messages at each step in your funnel is enormous.

Early results during our private beta of Action-Based Delivery have been extremely promising. The Chive saw action-based Android push messages get approximately double the open rate of similar, schedule-based messages.

Taking advantage of Action-Based Delivery lets you use the behavioral data that you’re already collecting to ensure messages are contextual, personalized and driving desired actions. You already know what your users are doing in your app; now you can leverage that knowledge to put an end to annoying push and irrelevant email. To get started with Action-Based Delivery, visit Appboy Academy’s walk-through of the feature, and check out our video on how to use it.


Peter McKee
Backend Engineering Lead

Team Braze

Team Braze