One (Fictional) Marketer’s Journey: Stick to Your Plan and Call it a Day

Ashley Christiano By Ashley Christiano May 12, 2020

Jenny likes the way your mind works. She built a pretty robust plan to promote the new app on various channels, including their new Content Cards in-app inbox. As she took a step back to survey her outline, she felt a bit better. After ensuring her initial promotion plan was in place, she outlined her next steps to her boss in a friendly but firm email:

Hey Bob,

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy that cookout with your family tonight. :)

I wanted to outline my plan for this weekend’s launch, as well as what I intend to do next week to take our new personalized feed to the next level.

What’s Live Now:

  1. The pre-approved “Version 2.0” promotional Canvas. As a reminder, this will trigger for all users who update their app. The first message in the series is a cross-channel rundown of the biggest updates to the app. The second message is an in-app message.
  2. A second Canvas will start on Wednesday (already scheduled) to remind users who have not yet updated their app to do so. It includes a series of three push and in-app messages that will go out over the course of one week. The copy here is short and sweet, in an effort to not be too similar to the campaigns they’ll receive once they DO update, but still feel consistent with the overall message.
  3. Every user will already have three Content Cards in their inbox: one promoting the new app, one promoting the VIP loyalty program, and one promoting a newsletter relevant to them based on their category interests.

What I’ll Do Next Week:

  1. Create 3 Content Card Campaigns a day in coordination with editorial to highlight category-specific content to the segments who’ll be interested in it (i.e. an election feature to our politics segment). These will have an expiration date of one week, so they don’t get stale.
  2. Identify 5-10 pieces of more evergreen content and the segments they match to, and get those set up with longer expiration dates by Friday.
  3. Test out 2 graphic-only options—i.e. a graph on the latest COVID numbers—to see how that drives engagement vs. text-heavy cards.

Future Considerations:

  1. Looping in the social team to generate Content Card campaigns of their own to crowdsource messaging and keep Steve in the loop.
  2. Automating our Content Card campaigns with Connected Content (a Braze dynamic personalization feature).

Let me know if you have any concerns! I’d love to chat about changing submission days to Tuesdays if possible. Fridays seem to add an extra level of tension (and risk) in my humble opinion.



Ashley Christiano

Ashley Christiano

Ashley Christiano is a Principal Customer Marketing Manager, Global SMB based out of Los Angeles. When she’s not helping customers get more out of Braze, she’s probably sorting her books by color, writing horoscopes, or hanging out with her cat Gracie and dog Louise.

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