One (Fictional) Marketer’s Journey: Set Up Frequency Caps

Ashley Christiano By Ashley Christiano May 9, 2020

Jenny was thrilled that you found an idea that enabled her to set up the additional campaigns and journeys that Steve dreamed up, while also letting her leverage some smart controls for how many messages each individual received.

Her predecessor set up some basic frequency caps around how many general push notifications and emails a user could get on a given day, but Jenny’s research inspired her to take things one step further.

First, she added frequency caps by tag. She collaborated with Steve and her marketing colleagues to outline the different kinds of campaigns they had in the works. This included campaigns they were sending already, campaigns they wanted to send, and lastly, how many of those they felt their audience could handle before the returns on each push became negligible due to faster marketing fatigue. Doing so would keep readers from getting annoyed or deleting their app altogether.

Here’s what they ended up with:

The team agreed to revisit this issue in a month to determine if their Frequency Caps were too loose or too tight. If that happened, they could simply adjust things in the Braze dashboard then and there!

Ashley Christiano

Ashley Christiano

Ashley Christiano is a Product Marketing Manager at Braze’s NYC headquarters. When she’s not knee-deep in Canvas content, she’s probably sorting her books by color, writing horoscopes, or hanging out with her cat Gracie and dog Louise.

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