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Braze Fall 2019 Product Launch: Personalization in the Age of Privacy

Nazgul Kemelbek By Nazgul Kemelbek Oct 15, 2019

Each season Braze gives its customers an exclusive look at an array of new features, tools, and functionalities for the Braze platform and showcases how these updates can support stronger, smarter customer engagement strategies.

Just in time for pumpkin spice, Braze is introducing the Fall edition of our product updates, dedicated to all the ways you can continue to deliver relevant, smart, and personalized experiences while proactively addressing increasingly complex online privacy regulations. Over the past three months, we’ve been hard at work building new features and functionalities designed to make it easier for your brand to get it right.

Today’s consumers have been trained to expect real-time brand experiences that are personalized to fit their unique needs and wants. That’s a major challenge for marketers but, for those who have the data, technology, and teams it takes to make individualized experiences possible, it’s also a major opportunity. Let’s explore these new developments and what they mean for your customer engagement strategy.

Expand Your Messaging Channel Mix with Content Cards, SMS, and More

We live in an era where new channels are needed to serve our customers better—but those new channels are being used in the shadow of stricter privacy regulations. However, having clearer, stricter boundaries isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At the end of the day, to build strong relationships with their audiences, brands need to ensure they’re communicating in ways that really speak to each customer as an individual. That means embracing a cross-channel approach to customer engagement and ensuring that you’re matching the appropriate messaging channel (or combination of channels) to each person’s engagement patterns and outreach preferences.

Looked at in the right light, this new era of privacy serves as a positive mechanism to evaluate our channels, our strategy, and our customer’s needs. Having more channels at our disposal will ultimately allow us to move away from the batch and blast tactic to a more strategic approach where we take the time to learn more about our customers and engage with them where they prefer.

With that in mind, we’ve prioritized adding key new channels to the Braze product. From grab-your-attention options like Braze SMS and the interactive email experiences made possible by AMP for Email to subtle, powerful tools like Content Cards, Braze is making it possible to take advantage of the full spectrum of customer messaging options. Diversifying your tools means that regardless of how privacy regulations evolve, you can still create and deliver meaningful customer engagements with your brand.

Prevent Channel Fatigue With Nuanced Frequency Capping

As marketers expand and increase the number of channels at their disposal, it becomes critical to determine the right cadence and frequency of communication with their customers. Pairing a highly targeted approach to channels with disciplined customer outreach will go a long way in creating and building lasting customer relationships. In addition to new channels, we are also introducing our best-in-class management tools so you can do just that. Looking for new tools in the fight against over-messaging? Check out the Braze platform’s support for message frequency capping by tag and channel, as well as its ability to set detailed rules for groups and channels for even more down-to-the-minute optimization.

Take Control of Your Data With Snowflake and Looker

Once you’ve identified your strategy, your next task is to confirm that your approach is working across channels and then continuously optimize to achieve better results. This is where the customer data—that secret sauce for effective personalization—comes in. New legislation and privacy rules are especially important at this stage, so make sure your team understands the regulations and has a solid plan for compliance.

Braze was at the forefront when it came to GDPR compliance, and we’re blazing a path forward with new data partnerships designed to make it easier for marketers to leverage their data in strategic, privacy-conscious ways. Use the Braze platform’s integration with Snowflake to simplify the process of analyzing your data and take advantage of Looker Blocks and Actions allow you to forecast your campaigns quickly and ahead of time.

Ready to Dig Deeper?

To learn more about all of these key product updates—and more!—check out our Fall 2019 Product Brief and start exploring how you can leverage these new tools and functionalities to provide better brand experiences to your customers.

Looking for an even deeper dive into into our new product line up? Join our Fall Customer Webinar for show-and-tell with Braze Product Managers. We’ll deep dive into products, use cases, and best practices.

Nazgul Kemelbek

Nazgul Kemelbek

Nazgul Kemelbek is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Braze. Outside of work, her time is split between parenting her teenage son and overcoming her anxiety of not accomplishing enough with a few “writing” projects.

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