Braze tracks author, editor, date, and status information about segments, campaigns, Canvases, and News Feed cards, and gives you the ability to create tags to further organize and sort your engagement.

Campaign, Segment, and News Feed Card Tags

You can add tags when creating or editing a campaign, Canvas, segment, or News Feed card. Click Tags below the engagement name and select an existing tag, or start typing to add a new tag.

Campaign Creation

You can also add tags to multiple campaigns, Canvases, segments, or News Feed cards by selecting multiple engagements and clicking Tag As.

Tagging multiple

The tags set on a campaign, Canvas, segment, or News Feed card are visible on the detail page below the engagement name.

Campaign Details

They are also visible in the list of campaigns, Canvases, segments, and News Feed cards as bubbles above the engagement name, along with status labels such as Archived and Draft.


To filter by a tag, select the tag name in the left-hand toolbar or search for the tag in the search pane using the tag: selector. For example, to search for the Onboarding tag, enter “tag:Onboarding”.

Tag Search for Campaigns and Segments

Best Practices

Tags can be a useful organizational tool for keeping track of engagement tactics. You can link segments, campaigns, and News Feed cards to business objectives, funnel stages, and the like.

Below is an example of tags an eCommerce app might find useful:

Potential Tags

You can use the same tags across segments, campaigns, and News Feed cards. To efficiently rename, remove, or add tags across your dashboard, go to the Manage Settings page and select the Tags tab.

tags view

To further organize your tags, nest your tags under a parent tag. For example, you can keep all holiday tags nested under a parent Holidays tag, or all tags related to a stage of your marketing funnel under a parent Funnel tag.

To do so, create a new tag, select Nest Tag Under, and choose which existing tag to nest your new tag under. You can also nest existing tags from Manage Settings > Tags. On this page, hover over a row with your tag and click Edit. Then, follow the same steps as before.

Create a nested tag

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