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Braze Spring 2020 Product Launch: Increasing Retention in the Pay-As-You-Go Era

Kevin Shectman By Kevin Shectman Apr 21, 2020

As winter gives way to warmer weather and we settle into the new normal, Braze is offering a fresh look into our spring product updates, dedicated to all the ways your brand can drive customer retention through relevant and highly personalized experiences. In a time when customer expectations continue to rise (and those same customers can churn at any moment), brands that foster a more personalized, human customer experience will rise above the rest.

While advanced personalization sounds great in theory, actually delivering these kinds of experiences for each and every customer is no small feat. That’s why we’ve been hard at work over the last few months building new features and updating existing ones to make this easier for your brand to master. Ready to embrace data-driven decision-making? Looking to deliver cohesive cross-channel experiences that truly resonate with your customers? You’re in the right place.

(Don’t have time to read all about our new features? No problem! Download and share our Spring Launch Product Brief with your team to get up to speed.)

Real-Time Insights

Delivering relevant and memorable experiences at scale requires in-the-moment access to data. Gain a better understanding of the behaviors that drive customer engagement and impact campaign effectiveness through our enhanced data reporting and analytics features. With the introduction of native Campaign Retention Reports and our expanded partnership with Snowflake, a leading cloud data platform, marketers can now gain actionable data insights faster and easier than ever before.

  • Check out Retention Reports. Exporting, tagging, and analyzing the retention impact of each and every Campaign can be time-consuming. With this release, marketers can easily understand user engagement over time for each and every Campaign they create right within the Braze. Leverage these reports to easily visualize the short-term and long-term campaign impact on retention in two simple steps—no data team needed.

“These reports have allowed us to better visualize and easily understand how each of our campaigns impacts retention, directly from the dashboard,” said Lizzie Landis, Growth Marketing Manager at Ibotta. “We're excited to continue measuring campaign effectiveness with these reports and look forward to leveraging more Braze reporting capabilities in the future.”

  • Expanding availability for Snowflake Data Sharing. To act effectively, teams often need to dive deeper into their data to form a more complete picture of the customer. Through our expanded partnership with Snowflake, brands using Braze and Snowflake together can now unlock deeper data insights, seamlessly. After a successful initial roll-out on the East Coast, joint customers in additional geographies around the world can now take advantage of this offering to instantly access, join, and analyze granular user and engagement data—creating a unified view of the customer without the hassle. Ask your Braze Account Manager or Customer Success Manager how you can get this data product turned on for your team.

“Since our partnership announcement last year, our relationship with Braze has grown tremendously,” said Bill Stratton, VP of Media Industry Strategy at Snowflake Inc. “We are pleased to support Braze’s expansion of Snowflake Secure Data Sharing for joint customers worldwide. With Braze and Snowflake, customers can drastically reduce time to insights and leverage those insights to inform and improve their overall digital engagement strategies.”

Seamless Orchestration

Expand the reach of your customer journeys by coordinating and optimizing cross-channel experiences directly from the Braze platform. As customer acquisition costs continue to rise, marketers are looking for the most effective ways to engage their existing audiences across various channels and testing methods. Braze enables seamless cross-channel orchestration with the latest updates to Canvas, our customer journey tool, and Content Cards, which can support persistent and targeted content delivered within an app or web experience.

  • Content Cards are now in Canvas. Deliver frictionless experiences by weaving Content Cards into any Canvas journey. With this update, marketers can deliver persistent lifecycle messages to customers even if they’re not currently opted into push or subscribed to email. This increases the reach of your marketing campaigns without having to interrupt the mobile app or web browsing experience. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager to start using this feature today!
  • Measure the effectiveness of Content Cards against a control group. Prove out the impact of specific Content Cards by using A/B testing to measure them against a control group. Foster experimentation and try out new iterations of content by measuring the effectiveness each Content Card has on your targeted audience against a control group of users who don’t receive the message. Ask your Customer Success Manager how to take advantage of this feature.
  • Inform advertising strategies with the Audience Sync to Facebook. Leverage your brand’s first-party user data to inform and optimize advertising strategies in real-time. Using this automated Canvas step (now in Beta), marketers can elect to sync their own users’ data from Braze directly to Facebook via Custom Audiences. The end result? Targeted Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns designed to improve your brand’s reach and increase conversions. Ask your Braze Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to learn more!

Personalized Visuals

Utilize dynamic creative content designed to help your customer engagement strategy turn heads. To make it easier for brands to deliver advanced personalized within their cross-channel campaigns, we’ve launched support for MMS (multimedia messaging service) and partnered with Movable Ink, a leading visual experience platform.

  • Enrich mobile messages with MMS. Ready to make your mobile messages stand out? Boost engagement and show off your products and services more effectively with attention-grabbing messages enriched with pictures, audio, video, GIFs, or other multimedia elements. Reach out to your Braze Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to learn more about this feature today.
  • Deliver cross-channel visual experiences through our partnership with Movable Ink. Enhance personalization by providing users with customized visual content that never feels out of date. With this powerful integration, Braze and Movable Ink make it possible for brands to dynamically incorporate personalized, eye-catching creative content in real-time across channels like email, push, and in-app messages.

Ready to dig deeper?

To learn more about each of these product updates, tune into our Spring Customer Webinar. Join our Product team as we take an even closer look at our products, use cases, and best practices in a single info-packed hour.

Kevin Shectman

Kevin Shectman

Kevin Shectman is a Product Marketing Manager based out of our NYC headquarters. When he’s not turning out the latest and greatest updates here at Braze, you’ll find him exploring new restaurants in Manhattan or binge-watching the latest series on Netflix.

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