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Braze Earns Prestigious Customer Service Award For Support and Onboarding Professional Services

Team Braze By Team Braze May 22, 2024

What motivates Braze employees to show up and do our very best day by day and week after week. Ultimately, it's our customers. For a lot of us, getting to play a role in helping our customers use the Braze platform to drive stronger outcomes and build deeper relationships with their users is one of the most satisfying things we do.

We’re all proud of the work we put in here to make our customers’ success stories possible. It’s even more fulfilling to have industry leaders tell us that we’re doing an exceptional job—especially when we’re recognized on a regular basis. For the sixth year in a row, Braze has received the NorthFace ScoreBoard (NFSB) Award for achieving excellence in the area of Customer Service from Customer Experience (CX) specialists Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI). This is also the second consecutive year that Braze is receiving the NFSB award for excellence in Onboarding Professional Services. These prestigious awards are given to companies based solely on real-time feedback from customers, which makes it even more special.

The NFSB award, now in its 23rd year, is presented annually to companies that achieve excellence in customer service during the calendar year. The award methodology created by CRMI measures customer satisfaction with services and product satisfaction—such as features, reliability, and cost of ownership—on a five-point scale (or an equivalent rating system) in such services categories as technical support, professional services, customer service, account management, and other customer-facing functions. The NFSB award recipients achieved a 4.0 or above out of a possible 5.0 rating system.

“This accomplishment exhibits our team's profound dedication to customer satisfaction. We take immense pride in the efforts and dedication of our team, which have propelled us to this significant milestone!” said Erika Semtei-Rotundo, Senior Director, Global Technical Support at Braze. Moreover, Ramya Sugumar, Senior Director, Global One-Time Services, at Braze shares, “Winning this award is a testament to our One-Time Services team's relentless commitment to providing only best-in-class service to every customer through our expertise and innovative solutions. Together, we've not only set a standard of excellence but also proved that when talent and passion unite, extraordinary achievements follow.”

Interested in learning more about Braze and our award-winning services teams? Check out Braze for Success for additional information.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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