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Braze Announces Productivity-Boosting Features to Help Brands Maximize Marketing ROI

Haley Trost By Haley Trost May 16, 2023

It hasn’t been the easiest year for B2C marketers. Between the rising cost of acquiring new customers and consumers pulling back on spending, marketers are feeling the pressure to find new efficiencies when it comes to customer engagement.

In the face of today’s turbulent economy, teams are doubling down on customer retention, with 99% of marketers planning to shift their customer engagement strategies in the next 12 months. But challenges remain, especially when it comes to the skill gaps and silos that can prevent marketers from taking advantage of powerful opportunities to reach their customers.

To help marketers accomplish their goals more efficiently and effectively this year, Braze is introducing a collection of marketing productivity features designed to help them deliver better campaign results in less time and at lower cost, including:

  • Cross-channel enhancements that make it easier to reach, engage, and convert customers across owned and paid channels

  • Easy-to-use, no-code campaign creation tools that can speed up time-to-value and encourage experimentation

  • An intuitively redesigned interface that fosters collaboration and saves on tech costs by bringing teams and touchpoints together in one place

“Now more than ever, team collaboration is necessary to achieve our goals. Using Braze, our teams have been able to work more efficiently and collaboratively, ensuring we can deliver on our objectives with greater speed and agility,” said Ivy Wu, Vice President of Global Growth for ClassPass. “Specifically leveraging Braze Audience Sync, we’ve saved about two hours per month per channel just through automation. These new features will enable us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the results we need to drive greater ROI and customer engagement.”

Drive Results by Expanding Cross-Channel Reach

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In order to help brands improve key business metrics like revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS), Braze is making it easier to reach, engage, and convert customers across owned and paid channels. With a suite of powerful channels at their fingertips, marketers can choose the most cost-effective and conversion-driving channel for seemingly any given use case.

  • We’ve expanded our Audience Sync capabilities to popular ad networks like TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. By leveraging Audience Sync to dynamically add and remove first-party audiences from paid campaigns, brands like KFC Philippines are lowering their customer acquisition costs by as much as 50% and increasing paid channel revenue by as high as 4X.

  • We’ve added a new dimension to our mobile channels. With iOS Live Activities, brands can leverage the valuable real estate of the iPhone Lock Screen to share real-time, persistent updates on sporting events, on-demand deliveries, travel, and other live events.

  • For brands that struggle with push notification deliverability on low-cost Android devices in Asia, help is on the way. Push Max, once available, will help push campaigns reach their full potential by intelligently improving push deliverability.

  • New out-of-the-box subscription management tools empower customers to share their communication and channel preferences directly with brands. Email marketers can easily customize branded Preference Centers with a drag and drop editor, and we plan to streamline the SMS double opt-in workflow, so that SMS marketers can build an engaged list of SMS subscribers while following compliance best practices.

Iterate and Innovate Faster

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Marketers can miss time-sensitive opportunities to engage their customers when they’re slowed down by complex campaign setup, manual approval workstreams, and reliance on technical teams. Our modern no-code tools for creating, iterating, and collaborating on customer journeys empower marketers to move quickly from ideation to execution to launch.

  • Starting today, we’re rolling out a redesigned interface for the Braze platform to make using Braze an absolute joy for brands of all shapes and sizes. Marketers don’t need to settle for tools that are clunky and old-school or pretty but basic; the redesigned Braze interface leverages industry best practices and extensive customer feedback to create a more intuitive navigation experience. This new navigation prioritizes discoverability and ease of use, encouraging marketers to explore features that will further enhance their customer engagement strategies.

  • Last November, Braze introduced a new drag and drop editor for creating visually beautiful, technically powerful in-app messages for mobile and web. New drag and drop in-app message templates from Braze can further speed up campaign creation. We intend to roll out additional customizable templates over the next few months, including data capture forms for email addresses and phone numbers; we plan to make all of these new templates available in an in-app message template library.

  • As brands continue to embrace hybrid teams, we realized that marketers needed better ways to work together on customer journeys from wherever they work. That’s why we’ve supercharged our Braze Canvas Flow customer journey tool with new versioning, drafting, commenting, and approving features. These improvements allow teams to quickly create new versions of a Canvas, leave comments, review and approve journeys, and more. Easier collaboration and faster QA will unlock opportunities to more efficiently test new ideas and improve on existing ones.

  • Plans to clone email campaigns across workspaces in just a few clicks can save marketers time on email creation, testing, and QA, especially for enterprise brands that operate across multiple regions, subsidiaries, and other markets. In addition, we plan to empower marketers to quickly reach their push-enabled audiences on iOS and Android devices with a unified push notification composition experience.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-era consumer spending boom may be waning, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for B2C marketers. Thanks to a collection of new marketing productivity tools in Braze, marketers are crushing their customer engagement goals with time and budget to spare.

Interested in learning more about the Braze platform and how it can help brands drive more value from their customer engagement programs (and do it more efficiently)? Check out our Productivity page for more information.

Haley Trost

Haley Trost

Haley Trost is a Product Marketing Manager at Braze and a new New Yorker. She spends her weekdays creating new Canvas content and her weekends hiking, skiing, and mastering the Sunday crossword.

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