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Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Support: Introducing Braze Support Engagement Leads

Sami Hamdan By Sami Hamdan May 11, 2021

To support a wide range of strategies, use cases, and business needs, Braze was architected to be both powerful and flexible. And because there is no one “right” way to use Braze, we help our customers to make the most of our technology by providing access to a best-in-class Global Technical Support team for any organization who purchases Braze, regardless of size or scope. Whether your company has 15 or 15,000 people, our award-winning team is here to deliver hands-on assistance.

However, we’ve found over the years that the ways that brands make use of Braze can vary widely—and that, in turn, can result in notably different support needs. In particular, companies tend to require special support when they:

  • Technologically pushes the envelope of what their app or website can do

  • Has a large set of teams, siloed out and covering different verticals

  • Requires additional attention or needs rapid turnaround times

Given that, we’re pleased to announce a brand new premium service offering that provides further assistance to these brands as they make use of our platform—namely, the Braze Support Engagement Lead (SEL).

Why create an entirely new offering when our traditional customer support offering is already so effective? A central part of the Braze mission is to deliver value quickly and continuously. With that in mind, we made the call to focus on how we could innovate our already successful processes and deliver the next level of superior support. From there, we committed ourselves to answering a specific set of scenarios faced by some of our largest customers. Let’s explore those situations and how Braze Support Engagement Leads can help address them:

SCENARIO #1: While the Support team is responsive, the customer needs to explain their complex integration/setup with every ticket

A SEL is a named specialist who will project manage all incoming technical inquiries for a given Braze customer. Within normal business hours, all of your organization's support cases will go directly to that team member, allowing them to handle the related investigation and communications. That means your SEL will bring the expertise and rapport gained from handling all of your previous technical questions to future interactions, allowing them to handle the cases you bring even more promptly and efficiently, without needing to get up to speed.

SCENARIO #2: Sometimes customers have multiple teams who could benefit from hearing about issues and how they were resolved

SELs host regularly scheduled calls with customers’ internal teams to review any support cases they’ve recently opened and to provide opportunities for those team members to ask questions and have them answered. Your SEL will be available to discuss your support cases on a regular cadence and to deliver progress reports and solutions. That consistent line of communication allows the SEL to facilitate a de facto Center of Excellence, providing an opportunity for your teams to come together with a single source of Braze technical truth who innately understands your setup, your tech stack, and your key integrations.

SCENARIO #3: The customer is looking for a more holistic view of their technical setup and Support interactions

Each quarter, your SEL will deliver a Technical Review designed to show you how we’re helping your organization to drive value and results. This review will include:

  • Data covering a range of performance metrics

  • Case history trends analysis

  • A deep dive on some of your most complex or repeat issues

  • And much more...

In scenarios where issues are being caused further upstream in a given brand’s integration, their SEL will hold a quarterly call with any Braze-recognized Alloys partners working with that company’s teams, supporting closer alignment and more effective issue resolution. The upshot? You can be confident that even if you’re seeing issues occur outside of Braze, your SEL will work with all appropriate parties to help to get them solved.

Anything Else?

If you think you’re ready for the next level in premium support services from Braze, reach out to your Braze Account Executive or your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to start a conversation about how the Support Engagement Lead might fit your organization’s needs.

Looking to learn more about Braze and its support offerings? Check out our Services and Support page for additional information.

Sami Hamdan

Sami Hamdan

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