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Behind Web Push [Part 7]: Web Push & Cross-Channel

By Todd Grennan Jan 31 2020

No messaging channel is an island.

Sure, it’s POSSIBLE to build an entire customer engagement strategy around one particular kind of message—we certainly see enough brands trying to do that with email—but doing so is fundamentally shortsighted. We’re living in a cross-device, cross-platform, cross-channel world, and that means that no one channel is the ideal way to reach everybody effectively.

Web push notifications are a great way to reach web visitors—and some of those web visitors might also be people who use your mobile app or subscribe to your email newsletter. But not necessarily. Depending exclusively on web push to reach your customers risks leaving some of your audience out in the cold, missing key information that could make their brand experience more valuable and more rewarding.

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition. Web push notifications are great. So are mobile app push notifications. So is email. But when you bring all these different channels together in a coordinated way, you can see results that eclipse the use of any one channel in isolation. Research conducted by Braze has been found that leveraging multiple messaging channels to communicate with users is associated with a 642% increase in engagement. That’s a game-changer, and something brands shouldn’t sleep on.

So as you’re planning out your web push strategy, make sure you’re thinking through how to coordinate this key channel with the rest of your messaging approach. Your engagement rates and ROI will thank you.

Anything else?

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Todd Grennan

Todd Grennan is a New York-based writer and editor. When he's not writing about mobile marketing, customer retention and emerging technologies for Braze, you can find him trying to read his way through every Wikipedia article related to World War II.

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