Orchestrate your campaigns with ease

Canvas makes it easy to visualize and build personalized customer journeys across email, push, in-app messages, and more. Add multiple steps and branches to adapt to your customer's actions and interests.

Let the customer be your guide

A personalized, cross-channel onboarding experience is the first step in a lasting customer relationship.

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Personalize every step of the journey

Are you listening? Your customers are telling you what they want. Use Canvas to schedule or create action-based messages using behavior, location, demographics, and more.

Optimize to find your best strategy

Take your messaging to the next level with easy A/B and multivariate testing. Want to level up even further? Unlock powerful optimization with AI in the Intelligence Suite.

Collaborate and elevate

Get out of channel silos. Build, test, and optimize your cross-channel messaging strategies all in one interface, without missing a beat. It's never been easier to work across teams.

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